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Invent the Future of InnovationEditor’s note: The global community of Innovation Excellence is co-created daily by you. From the early days of Braden Kelley’s Blogging Innovation to the partnership with Julie Anixter and Rowan Gibson, followed by the explosion of Innovation Excellence on August 1st of 2011, every one one of you has contributed to our success.

With you, we’ve created an accessible, informative and fun global platform for innovation practitioners (at all levels) and anyone curious enough to dive in here and across all of our social media channels. You know and have learned that ‘Innovation is not an idea…Innovation is a discipline’. And by participating, you’ve co-created Innovation Excellence’s 6100+ articles, slideshare presentations, videos, infographics, and global conversations that live here, 24/7.

So here we go again — inviting you to co-create our global innovation certification program. Co-create with us by joining our Beta. Learn more here!

Innovation is not an idea. Innovation is a discipline.

Why Certification? Innovation is now a required skill set.

Business leaders, professionals, new entrants to the workforce and students understand the need to develop sustainable innovation capability as a path to professional and organizational growth.

Yet many really haven’t been through the cycle of idea to commercialization, so there is a lack of practical experience.

The Global Innovation Certification provides:

+ Tools & Frameworks

+ Clear Standards, Targets & Guidelines

+ Credit for Real World Experience

+ Action and Experiential Learning

+ A Global Community Network

The Global Innovation Certification can be used by:

+ Corporate Executives

+ Team Leaders

+ Practitioners

+ Educators

+ Students

About the Certification: 4 Levels of Innovation Competencies

This certification offers four levels of innovation competencies aligned with the recommendations of the Global Innovation Management Institute:

Answers to Your Questions

Based on the wonderful response and feedback received about our involvement with bringing this Global Certification to our community, we put together an FAQ page [link] (which includes pricing and curriculum) to answer your questions as we develop this program and site even further.

Watch the Virtual Orientation

We recently held a virtual orientation with Ron Jonash, senior partner at IXL-Center to explore the background, development and opportunities for you to join us in launching and leveraging this certification.

Opportunities for You

Join Our Beta: Learn and Co-Create

Innovation Excellence is currently ‘beta testing’ a certification program for our global innovation community. We’re seeking your questions and feedback to ensure that this Global Innovation Certification serves YOUR professional needs.

A Special Limited Offer to IX Community

Innovation *Catalyst* Certification

Prior to fully launching levels 1-4, we would like to get members of our community involved. In exchange for your feedback and self-assessment we would like to offer you a primer that includes an overview of all four levels along with a certificate that demonstrates your ability to spark innovation in a team setting or organization. This includes:

  • an Innovation Catalyst test,
  • Certification (based on passing grade)
  • Study Guide FREE of charge
  • for a limited time only, this offer expires 12/31/13.

BETA - Global Innovation Management Institute certification

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  1. David Davidovic on November 18, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    I fully agree with the need for a more holistic view of end-to-end processes, organizations, etc. etc. towards achieving sustained innovation. Innovation is not a strategy, it is an outcome. Too much effort and attention go to the creative ideation space; it is important of course, but not very useful if organizations and how they operate are not optimized to realize those ideas.

  2. Marshall Barnes on November 20, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I agree with you, David, about the ideation space. In fact, I feel such places are for people who don’t know how to be creative on their own, that need a crutch. It would be better to have them trained to be creative on the spot – more cost effective and efficient as well.

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