The CEO Futurist: 14 for 2014…Insights Not Predictions!

2014 Predictions? Do Innovative thinkers really care?

Over the last decade of sharing periodic scouting reports for c-level friends, big thinkers and even more recently the mobile/social venture world, no one really wants speculative predictions. The real value has been in insights and drivers that unlock innovation, drive business growth and unlock enterprise value.

Patrick’s 14 For 2014…Insights Not Predictions

All of them should make you reflect, yet a depending on your focus, there are likely a few to factor into your 2014 direction, including: Obamaware, Smart 3.0, The Panama Ripple, The Uber Effect, Innovation 3.0, The Young Adult Tsunami, World Cup Live, Facebook-Face Forward, Social Innovator “One Tablet Per Child” and a few more!

Sample them in Slideshare here:

Or, view as:

Vimeo or YouTube (14 min. animated with voice over versions)

Have a great 2014 and shift your innovation game!

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