An Innovator has an Obligation to…Play

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Week o1 theme is “play”

If, as George Carlin said, “An artist has an obligation to be en route”

Please complete this sentence: An innovator has an obligation to…

– to be playful. – Linda Boardman Fite, Vice President, Change Management at Pritchett, LP

– put the status quo in question permanently, with the chance to learn every day!Marcus Kottinger EMEA BA SC Process Owner at Siemens PLC

do things differently and do different things. Innovators are creators. If you heard as a child “why can’t you be like other kids,” then you might just be a natural innovator! Chad McAllister, PhD, Author of ‘Turning Ideas into Market-Winning Products’ , Product Development, Management, Innovation Trainer & Coach

ask bold questions, forget the status quo, think differently and most importantly play!Raymond Tilkens, Business Development Manager at John Deere

understand that in the marketplace for ideas, confidence sells much better than competence.  This is unfortunate, as the real experts are aware of, and likely to discuss the various pitfalls, while a glib amateur wastes millions stumbling into them anew.  In some situations, we have to abandon academic standards, and play the huckster.   Every invention poses a threat to the business it can replace, so there is more trickery than good sense involved in getting it through to consumers if one is not a billionaire. Bob Stuart, Independent Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Professional

– play their position and keep doing it, don’t get hung up on implementation, or (worse yet) administration.Harry Jones, Consultant

…let’s not forget that innovation and innovating can be great fun. Perhaps the best exemplars of this are children who, in exploring the world for the first time, are inveterate innovators. Constantly curious, children are full of wonder: they imagine, ask why, and what if. Unafraid to touch, try, run and fall, they get back up and try again. They play – and are well aware it’s much more fun to play together than to play alone.– Excerpt from the Summary of Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World

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