10 reasons why you must attend the Day of Innovation conference!

Why join us at the Day of Innovation – August 28 - Indianapolis, IN?

10. “Either you choose to innovate or to commoditize” – Charlie McTargett, 2013 Day of Innovation keynote speaker and VP Product Development at Delta Faucet.

9. Network with others who share an innovation mindset.

8. Event you don’t want to miss because everybody is going to talk about it.

7. Challenge the status quo in your organization and learn from Indiana’s innovation thought leaders.

6. Educate your employees about innovation at a low cost (only $200 compared to other conferences of $1000+).

5. Because we don’t believe in the conventional way of thinking, our panel will bring an espresso shot of disruption to challenge the status quo. Expect (good) chaos.

4. Learn how to be innovative well beyond product development: marketing, customer experience, future planning, competitive intelligence, company culture, mindset.

3. Your competitors have already registered. What are you waiting for?

2. This will change the way you think about innovation in your organization.

1. Expose yourself to new perspectives you’ve not considered before.

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Stephan Vincent is Director of Cultural Transformation at Collidea, a strategic innovation firm in Carmel, IN. He is also Founder and President of s.p.IN and Collide Summit Indiana, a first-of-its- kind un-conference unlike anything else. Stephan is a new contributor to IX, sharing insights from his own blog.

Stephan Vincent

Stephan Vincent is the founder of eX Summit, a space to debate the importance and impact of the employee experience (eX). He is also Marketing Director at Fusion Alliance.




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  1. AlanB on July 16, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Kinda generic top 10. Could be true for just about any conference. What makes this one unique?

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