On Becoming an Innovation Alchemist

On Becoming an Innovation AlchemistEditor’s Note: Our feature today kicks off a series of essays incorporated in “Innovation Alchemists: What every CEO should know to hire the right Chief Innovation Officer”, by Luis Solis

Luis is an entrepreneur, business builder as senior executive, a speaker on innovation and global expert on B2B software for business processes. He has started companies, taken some public, scaled-up others, and rebooted technology companies seeking growth paths. Luis has advised more than 250 global organizations on Innovation Strategy and Leadership through his consulting roles at Symbius, GroupSystems and Imaginatik.

Innovation Alchemists: What Every CEO Should Know to Hire the Right Chief Innovation Officer

Today most organizations seek new growth platforms, or in some cases just more volume from current products and services. Innovation as a buzzword has reached epic proportions. But who should lead the deliberate pursuit of “the New” over “the Here and Now”, and how should a CEO pinpoint the right CINO from within or outside? It’s a serious issue facing most CEO’s and their Boards. I wrote Innovation Alchemists I to help shape the ranks of tomorrow’s innovation leaders for important organizations.

Chapters include:

  • Chapter: 1 Make Room for the New “C” in the Exec Suite
  • Chapter 2: Square Pegs and Round Holes
  • Chapter 3: The Way of the Superior CINO
  • Chapters 4-7: 20 Essays by Corporate Leaders such as CINO’s
  • Chapter 8:  InnoQ Workbench: Sharpening the Six Edges

Innovation Alchemists includes essays by:

  • Dean DeBiase (Reboot Partners)
  • Deborah Arcoleo (Hershey Company)
  • Deborah Mills-Scofield (Brown U., AT&T)
  • Declan Denehan (BNY Mellon)
  • Dieter Eisinger (NYSE)
  • Donna Sturgess (Buyology, CMU, Glaxo)
  • Edward Boze (Xerox)
  • Harry Cassar (BP Castrol)
  • Jim Euchner (Goodyear)
  • Julie Anixter (Innovation Excellence)
  • Kevin Riley (Florida Blue)
  • Mick Simonelli (formerly USAA)
  • Mike Waite (Menasha Packaging)
  • Moises Norena (Whirlpool)
  • Paul Excell (BCS, BT)
  • Phil Swisher (BBH)
  • Scott Williams (Maga Design)
  • Thomas Harrison (DAS/OmnicomGroup)
  • Ursula Oesterle (Swisscom)
  • Vice Admiral Joe Dyer (NASA, iRobot)

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below or start/join a conversation in the Innovation Excellence Group Forum on LinkedIn. You may also be interested in the recent in-depth interview conducted by Doug Berger, Managing Director at INNOVATE on this topic.

The book is available on amazon.com

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Luis Solis is an Innovation Alchemist and author of the book Innovation Alchemists: What every CEO needs to know to hire the right Chief Innovation Officer, and President – NA of Imaginatik. Luis blogs at innovationalchemists.com and is on twitter @innoalchemist

Luis Solis




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