Malloy Hoverbike: A Truly Groundbreaking Innovation

Earlier in the week, I was talking with my son about science fiction. He has noted that the one common interest among his computer science classmates at University is an appreciation of science fiction. They can create instant collegiality by the mention of a Marvel comic back edition, of Iron Man, the Silver Surfer, X-Men, or some other super hero. This is true for film and television shows like Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, 1950s films such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, documentaries on UFOs and the classic books of HG Wells and Jules Verne.

There is something magical about the idea of being able to fly wearing an Iron Suit or racing along on a Star Wars Speeder. More than magical, for some that fascination never went away.  Those young sci-fi dreamers grow up and turn the imagination and fantasies of their youth into reality. The Malloy Hoverbike is such an innovation. It is probably the most important, ground breaking innovation in transportation in the 21 st Century.  What makes this even more astonishing is that the Malloy company built the prototype for about $50,000 from a crowd funding pitch on Kickstarter.

This Hoverbike is portable, the smaller versions can be folded up and put in a backpack. One can literally carry their transportation on their back  and use it when they need to get somewhere quick. It is low on pollution and brilliantly simple in design.  Here’s the technical assessment from gizmag that went out to see it tested.

Watching the video, one can see the dreams of youngsters from years earlier, reading late into the night under the covers with a flashlight, or gluing together the plastic model speeders from Star Wars, until there was a collection complete with storm troopers, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker action figures.

I read a lot of about innovation, but I rarely read about innovation as the realization of the juvenile dreams of those that kept the faith, kept the flame alive, and dared to make those precious dreams of youth into reality. Maybe that is why there has been so much innovation in IT and Computer Science. Those toy models and action figures sitting on desks of programmers and engineers have a significance rooted deep in a distance past, just waiting to spring into the next groundbreaking innovation that is truly out of this world.

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