Online Tools that Help Students Gamify Getting into College

When a student graduates from high school, the stress levels go sky-high. The student, their parents, tutors, college admission counselors, teachers… everyone is focused on that big envelope that’s about to arrive.

Unfortunately, colleges receive applications from many more students than they accept, so the admission process is extremely stressful for everyone. However, there are innovative tools and resources that will help you get through that period with success and increase your chances of getting accepted into the college of your choice.  Using these tools make the application more game like, more fun and more like a journey with rewards along the way.

1. Yaphie

Your college planning strategy will be much more effective with the help of Yaphie. Think of this concept as your automated guidance counselor whose sophisticated applications will provide college admission probabilities, college profiles, scholarship opportunities, comparisons with other students, recommended extra-curricular activities, and course planning. All you need to do is enter your grades, ACT or SAT scores, and some personal details in order to get all that information.

2. Essay Writing

There’s no doubt about it: the main stress-causing factor of college admissions is the task of writing application essays. The competition at the top colleges and universities is incredibly tough. No matter how clean your documentation is and how good your grades are, you will still have to write an impressive application essay that will single you out as an outstanding candidate. Needless to say, most students need help with their application papers, and Ninja Essays is the place where they can get it! At the website, you can hire professional writers from various fields of study to help you construct an extraordinary piece of paper. If you have already written an essay, you can hire an expert editor at Ninja Essay to make sure that you’ll be submitting flawless content.

3. Parchment

At this website, you can get an impressively accurate prediction of college admission results by submitting your transcript. Don’t worry; the digital transmission is completely secure and your information will not be abused. The tool uses the data from your transcript and past admission results to provide predictions that are fairly close to the actual results most users get. Parchment is a highly recommended tool for all high school graduates who want to apply to colleges that are more likely to accept them.

4. ApplyKit

This concept is true to its name; it provides almost all tools you need during the application process. At your personal account at ApplyKit, you will be reminded of the upcoming deadlines. You can also add counselors, parents, and other collaborators to monitor your progress during applications. Although the school search tool provides only basic information about the colleges you are interested in, it’s still useful for narrowing your options down. The characteristic that makes this tool a must for every college applicant is that it helps them understand exactly what they need to do in order to gain admission.

5. Cappex

Cappex is an incredibly informative and conveniently organized site that provides admission predictions. Although the predictions are not very accurate, this website is still a useful destination that will guide you towards the most appropriate scholarships. You can also use the tool to plan your visits to different campuses, as well as to keep track of the applications you are sending. The best part is that you can read reviews written by real students and see what they are saying about the colleges they attend.

Relax; everything is going to turn out well!

The most important thing to remember during the period of college admissions is to calm down. The stress and high expectations can be difficult to handle, but you already know that hard work is always rewarded. The five tools we listed above will make the entire process less hectic, but will also help you increase your chances of getting accepted to college or university.

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