20 Sporting Gear, Apparel, and Merchandise Innovations

There are always advances being made in the world of sports manufacturing, from creating better and safer sporting gear to marketing fun and funky items for athletes and sports fans alike. You will find innovations in sports apparel that make it more eco-friendly, not to mention stylish. You will also find some great advancements in the gear that is available for athletes, from performance shoes to safer helmets. Check out 20 innovative and cool items that are sure to be a hit with anyone who is into sports, whether they are players or spectators:

  1. See-Through Soccer Balls – These fun balls can be used by athletes of all skill levels. They are transparent, and add a whole new element to the game.
  2. Remote-Controlled Cleats – These miniature cleats work via remote control, and you can play a game using these with the tabletop net and tiny ball.
  3. Spiral-Analyzing Apps – If you want to learn how to throw a great pass, you need a great teacher. Check out the Replay Football app to get the best instructions for throwing perfect passes.
  4. World Cup Flip-Flops – While you will never wear these on an athletic field, these fun summer shoes are a great way to show off your love for your favorite soccer teams.
  5. Football Helmet Cushions Impacts with Air – The foam normally used in helmets is replaced with a “shock bonnet” in the Zenith helmet from Vincent Ferrara. This cap is adjustable, and has shock absorbers shaped like hockey pucks with small holes to control the force of impact.
  6. Hip-Hop Sportswear – If you love sports and hip-hop, combine those two loves with the Wu-Tang Clan hockey jersey.
  7. Pepper Mill – Sports fanatics will love the baseball bat pepper mill. They can think about their favorite sport every time they prepare a meal.
  8. Sci-Fi Sports Jerseys – Be on Team TARDIS with these awesome Doctor Who hockey jerseys.
  9. Pigskin Game Controllers – To really get into your favorite football video games, use this controller that looks like a football.
  10. Kevlar-Enforced Hockey Sticks – Sports manufacturers are always looking for ways to make hockey sticks stronger and more durable. They have found it with the creation of the Easton Stealth RS Kevlar-enforced stick.
  11. Heated Skate Blades – Hockey will never be the same again now that there are heated skate blades on the market. These will slightly heat the ice, giving players a smoother surface and more speed.
  12. Featherweight Court Sneakers – Basketball players will love the lightweight AdiZero Crazy Lights basketball shoes. They are lightweight, comfortable, and loaded with support.
  13. Baseball Hats for Cold Weather – You can get corduroy Yankees 59FIFTY caps that are much warmer than traditional baseball caps, so you can support your favorite team year-round and stay warm, even in the winter.
  14. Anti-Concussion Helmets – These innovative helmets offer the latest in safety technology, and are used by many football and hockey players to cut down on the risk of concussions and other serious head injuries.
  15. Carbon Fiber Cleats – These cleats are lightweight and cool. They provide plenty of support, without making the wearer’s feet feel heavy.
  16. Awesome Soccer Shoes – The Mercurial Superfly Vapor II soccer shoes have adaptive traction technology to help players on the field.
  17. Pink Baseball Bats – If you love baseball, and want to support breast cancer research, be sure to get an MLB/Louisville Slugger pink baseball bat.
  18. Eco-Friendly Uniforms – It took four years for Adidas to create their NBA Revolutionary 30 jersey, made from eco-friendly materials.
  19. Infinitely Inflated Basketballs – It really sucks when you want to play a game of basketball and your ball has deflated. The Spalding Neverflat basketball can bounce for up to a year before needing to be refilled with air.
  20. Sporty Pencils – Have fun writing with these hockey stick pencils, and when you are finished writing, challenge your friends to a fun table-top game with these mini-sticks.

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