Questions for Chief Strategy Officers at CSO LONDON 2014 (Oct. 16-17)

Innovation Excellence is looking ahead to the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in London October 16-17

We’ve checked out the great line-up of practicing Chief Strategy Officers and industry players, and asked ourselves and are asking YOU:

What questions would we like to ask the speakers?

Check out the line-up and if you can attend, let us know! We love (yes, love) how your participation, observations, and connections guide, inform, and enliven the Innovation Excellence global community! Thank you to all of you who make your way to London! And, for those not attending, bring it on! Present your questions and comments below or #CINOEU

We’ll tee up with these five questions and send them to the speakers before the conference – via email and twitter.

Five Questions for Chief Strategy Officers

Mark Bunting, Head of Distribution Strategy, BBC


Presentation: To be confirmed

QUESTION: In 2009, BBC undertook a global strategy review and published an executive report in 2011. Looking back from 2014, what strategic outcomes succeeded and did not; and looking ahead into 2015, what strategic priorities has the BBC committed to?

Maren Coleman, Head of International Strategy & Market Development, StubHub


Presentation: Disruptive Growth – StubHub on Building a Challenger Brand in New Markets

QUESTION: In 2013, StubHub, (an Ebay Inc. subsidiary) introduced its new “all-in” pricing model that created a customer satisfaction spike greater than any other strategic initiative from StubHub in five years. What did you learn from this success, and what new developments in your strategic vision have resulted from these learnings?

Carrie Ferman, SVP Strategy & Business Development, Sony


Presentation: Strategy Management at Sony

QUESTION: Sony’s 2015 Strategic Plan calls for major reform. What significant changes are unfolding and what can consumers expect?

Laura Harnett, Head of Strategy, Kingfisher Group


Presentation: To be confirmed

QUESTION: Kingfisher’s purpose is to make it easier for customers to have better and more sustainable homes. Given pervasive global economic factors, what are Kingfisher’s most pressing strategic challenges, and why?

Saf Ahmed, Director Strategy, Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking


Presentation:Check Mate’ in Strategic Management

QUESTION: Santander says its business model integrates a mix of economic, ethical, social and environmental criteria. How is this achieved strategically, and can you give us some specific examples?

See our QUESTIONS for Chief Innovation Officers here!

#CSOLDN  agenda and info – here

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