Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2014

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2014

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2014We launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2014 was our third full year of operations. To celebrate we’ve pulled together the Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2014 from our archive of over 7,000 innovation-related articles from more than 400 contributing authors.

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We do some other rankings too. At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month and we also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our Innovation Excellence Weekly email and FREE MAGAZINE, so an annual Top 100 seems like a logical fit.

Did your favorite make the cut?

But enough delay, here are the 100 most popular innovation posts of 2014 (each receiving 6,600 – 104,000+ page views):

  1. Blended Action Learning Meets Innovation – by Jonash, Patel, O’Keeffe and Warsaw
  2. Six Hot Innovation Trends – by Robert B Tucker
  3. 50 Ted Talks Every Educator Should Check Out (2014 Edition) – by Saga Briggs
  4. Microsoft out-innovates Apple & Google – by Nicholas Skillicorn
  5. Four Types of Innovation and the Strategic Choices Each One Represents – by Jake Nielson
  6. Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2013 – by Innovation Excellence
  7. Role of Personal Branding in Innovation – by Braden Kelley
  8. Smartwatches: Past, Present and Future – PRESENTATION
  9. Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2013 – by Innovation Excellence
  10. Inspiring Innovation Films: a Top Ten List – by Gregg Fraley
  11. Integrating Lean Startup and Design Thinking – by Ralph Ohr
  12. How Startup Funding Works (Infographic) – by Peter Doyle
  13. Private Label & Branded innovation, adversarial or in harmony? – by Costas Papaikonomou
  14. 2014 Top Trend Sites – by Gijs van Wulfen
  15. Difficult Discussions Are The Most Important Discussions – by Mike Shipulski
  16. 35 Psychological Tricks To Help You Learn Better – by Saga Briggs
  17. Is Paris taking the lead in the Digital Economy? – by Nicolas Bry
  18. 25 Most Essential Insights About Innovation – by Gijs van Wulfen
  19. Applying Jobs-to-be-Done to Product and Service Design – by Hutch Carpenter
  20. 20 Things Educators Need To Know About Digital Literacy Skills – by Saga Briggs

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  22. 15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies & Startups – by Stefan Lindegaard
  23. Innovation Psychology: Innovate like Leonardo da Vinci – by Pete Foley
  24. 7 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation – by Stephan Vincent
  25. How the Year’s Biggest Book on Business Innovation Fails to Innovate – by Soren Kaplan
  26. How Educators Around The World Are Implementing Mobile Learning – by Saga Briggs
  27. Failure Forums: Complexity Theory and the Role of Failure in Driving New Business Models – by Matt Hunt
  28. Five Tech Megatrends that are Changing the Game – by Robert B Tucker
  29. Crowdsourcing Grows Up: 7 Indicators it’s here to stay – by Julie Anixter and Hutch Carpenter
  30. Selling YOUR Innovation – by Ken Smith
  31. Big Data in Education: Big Potential or Big Mistake? – by Saga Briggs
  32. Begin 2014 with an Innovation Catalyst Certification – by Braden Kelley
  33. Debunking the Left Brain and Right Brain Myth – by Nicholas Skillicorn
  34. An Innovator has an Obligation to… be Open – by Kim Chandler McDonald
  35. 25 Things Skilled Learners Do Differently – by Saga Briggs
  36. 25 Practices That Foster Lifelong Learning – by Saga Briggs
  37. Prove Yourself Wrong to Get Your Plan Right – by Holly G Green
  38. Changing the Innovation Game – by Kevin McFarthing
  39. Why people resist change, learning and innovation and what to do about it! – by Janet Sernack
  40. New Problems, New Approaches: The Rise of the Generalist – by Reuven Gorsht
  41. 30 Ways to Inspire Divergent Thinking – by Saga Briggs
  42. Braden Kelley Change Webinar for CoDev

  43. An Innovator has an Obligation to… Address Need – by Kim Chandler McDonald
  44. Two Views on Innovation at Google – by Braden Kelley
  45. Storytelling is out, enter Storydoing – by Bart Muskala
  46. The Eight Dimensions of Strategic Thinking – by John Persico
  47. Every Business will be Disrupted by Open Technology in 2014 – by Greg Satell
  48. The 2014 Global Innovation 1000 Study from Strategy& – by Barry Jaruzelski
  49. Gamification of the Innovation Process – by Michael Allen
  50. Coca-Cola Looking to Bring Some Innovation to Your Home? – by Braden Kelley
  51. The Real Business Value of the Internet of Things – by Andrew Timm
  52. The No. 1 Challenge to Innovation
    – by Rowan Gibson
  53. How to Turn Ideas into Innovation through Gamification – by Charlotte Ritter
  54. Innovation and the Art of Recognizing Hidden Criteria – by Kate Hammer
  55. How Do You Measure Innovation? – by Soren Kaplan
  56. An Innovator’s Reading List For 2014 – by Jason Williams
  57. Can Prediction Markets Forecast Successful Innovations? – by Paul Sloane
  58. Planting the Seeds of Innovation in Education – by Stephan Vincent
  59. How 3-D Printing Will Change Education – by Saga Briggs
  60. Free eBook: The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation – by Doug Williams
  61. Allfoodexperts, Open Innovation platform for agri-food industry – by Nicolas Bry
  62. Lean Innovation at Amazon – by Geovanny Romero
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  64. 100 Things to Watch in 2014 – PRESENTATION
  65. 2014: Your Most Innovative Year? – by Harvey Wade
  66. Why Don’t Companies Invest in a Culture of Innovation? – by Braden Kelley
  67. The Men Who Stare at Goats – and Innovate – by Braden Kelley
  68. Starbucks Retail Innovation in Switzerland – by Braden Kelley
  69. Is Innovation Simple? – by Kevin McFarthing
  70. Leading for Innovation in Extreme Uncertainty – by Janet Sernack
  71. Seven Things the Competent Innovation Manager Should Know – by Jeffrey Baumgartner
  72. Prototypes Are The Best Way To Innovate – by Mike Shipulski
  73. Multi-Dimensional Thinking – The Key to Dynamic Innovation – by Jay Fraser
  74. The Greatest Idea Campaign Ever Run – by Tim Woods
  75. The Value of Open Innovation for B2B Companies – by Michael Glessner
  76. Culture Eats Innovation for Lunch – by Mick Simonelli
  77. Why Do Supervisors Block Innovation? – by Paul Sloane
  78. 99 Facts on the Future of Innovation for 2014 – PRESENTATION
  79. How NOT To Innovate – by Jeff Rubingh
  80. Leadership Is More Important Than Authority in Creating Real Change – by Greg Satell
  81. For Innovation: Culture Trumps Office Design – by Jorge Barba
  82. Can Big Data Pay Off Big? – by Michael Graber
  83. Organizing for Radical Innovation – by Rowan Gibson

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  85. Creating a Common Language of Innovation – by Braden Kelley
  86. 6 Things You Should Know About The Future – by Greg Satell
  87. Dd Clayton Christensen really just admit he was wrong about innovation? – by Nicholas Skillicorn
  88. Culture Eats Strategy – Innovation Psychology Explored – by Pete Foley
  89. An Innovator has an Obligation to…Think – by Kim Chandler McDonald
  90. Innovation in the Top 5 Chinese Tech Companies – by Thibaud Andre
  91. Why the Future of Technology is All Too Human – by Greg Satell
  92. Lean Innovation Series – Introduction – by Braden Kelley
  93. 10 Powerful Takeaways – Chief Innovation Officer Summit San Francisco – by Lynda Koster
  94. The Workplace of the Future – INFOGRAPHIC
  95. Big Data: A Prescription for Improving the Quality of Healthcare – by Michele Nemschoff
  96. The Bleeding Edge of Innovation – by Sarah Miller Caldicott
  97. What Bell Labs Taught Us About Innovation – by Hutch Carpenter
  98. iLab, the ‘Fifth-Column’ of Innovation – by Nicolas Bry
  99. Are You Lying About Your Level of Innovation? – by Braden Kelley
  100. Why Innovators Make Terrible Firefighters – by Jeffrey Phillips
  101. How Data Driven Companies Outperform – by Greg Satell
  102. Thinking Inside The Box – by Jeff Rubingh
  103. What’s in Your OODA Loop? – by Matthew Fritz
  104. Mind the Change Gap – by Braden Kelley

Now, these are the Top 100 innovation articles of 2014 based on the number of page views. If your favorite Innovation Excellence article didn’t make the cut, then add it to the comments and maybe we’ll consider doing a People’s Choice List for 2014.

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Editor’s Note: Innovation Excellence is open to contributions from any and all innovation professionals out there (practitioners, professors, researchers, consultants, authors, etc.) who have a valuable innovation insight to share with everyone for the greater good. If you’d like to contribute, create an account.

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