ISPIM Grand Prize 2015 – Recognizing Excellence in Innovation Management

Excellence in Innovation Management

Why is innovation like a swan?  Of course, the picture is elegant and graceful. But below the surface there is a lot of management legwork going on that you just don’t see. Many companies achieve remarkable things with innovations that add tremendous value to the daily lives of customers and the companies that help them; but the emphasis is almost always on the output, whether that be product, service or business model, not on the work that delivered them.

It would be great to recognize the work done behind the scenes by great innovation managers. That’s why ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, is delighted to announce the inaugural competition for the ISPIM Grand Prize, for Excellence in Innovation Management.

We think this really matters, because great products are the result of excellent innovation management. However, it’s often the final product that makes the headlines. So we want to recognize the outstanding work that innovation professionals do to deliver great innovation to the market.

The Competition

The competition will be open to all commercial enterprises. We welcome submissions from any company, including not-for-profit entities; however it is not intended for academics.

We are looking for cases that significantly advance the practice of innovation management in proven application, not theory. The advance should be in how innovation is managed, we are not seeking proposals that describe the actual end output, the what.

The Deadline

The deadline for entries is 20th April 2015.  A distinguished panel of judges will decide the Top 3 entries, which will be invited to present at the ISPIM conference in Budapest on 15th June 2015. The conference attendees will then decide the winner.

For More Info

For more information and details on how to enter, please go to  And if you know any other graceful swans whose work on innovation deserves to be recognized, please forward this article to them and encourage them to enter.


(ISPIM – International Society for Professional Innovation Management – is a network of researchers, industrialists, consultants and public bodies who share an interest in innovation management. Founded in 1983, ISPIM is the oldest, largest and most active innovation association in Europe, rapidly expanding in the Americas and Asia.

ISPIM produces scientific and educational material and events to help people understand and share thinking and experiences on how individuals, organisations and society can be better organised to create and distribute new products, services and processes to make the world a better place.)

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