Bravo Rag and Bone!

While fashion ads have been on the cutting edge of creatively merging music, human beauty and cool clothes, to me, the gold standard thus-far has been set by Ralph Lauren’s Denim and Supply “Wake me up” collaboration with Avicii.

Today this benchmark of excellence has been challenged by rag & bone’s new ad for their Men’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The ad features ever-fabulous Mikhail Baryshnikov alongside LA’s street dance master Lil Buck.

Bravo rag & bone!

So, what makes this ad standout, besides featuring two mega-celebrities?

For one, it is a class act! Launching on the heels of a number of commercials that pushed very obvious buttons of grief and puppy love just a couple of days ago during SuperBowl 49, this ad, sophisticated and sublime, appeals to our sense of appreciation of mastery.

The ad presents the new collection in the most dynamic way: in a never ending movement, the garments are taken for a spin, jump, kick, twist – you name it, just the way they would be in the real world.  This is especially relevant given male target that appreciates practicality and usability of their wardrobes. While completely logical, this is still pretty innovative for the category where traditionally the only movement is that of models walking down the catwalk.

Bravo rag & bone!

The product blends with the user’s life journey. The personal chemistry between the virtuosi is obvious as they are enjoying their dance, a game of chess, or just kicking around… and the clothes make them look ever-so-hip and comfortable while they are at it.

Consumers are unified by the outlook, rather than type casted into typical marketing ‘target groups’. By bringing together the icons of ballet and street dance and blending the choreography to the ‘modern classical’ soundtrack by Venetian Snares, the brand speaks to both, of-the-day and traditional tastes united by the urban way of life. Life that is sophisticated on some days and edgy on others, just like the brand itself. Generational stereotypes are cleverly erased, too, by choosing aspirational stars from different eras.

Artistically, the clean, simple edit fits with rag & bone’s ‘black and white  brand book’ – the color scheme we often associate with the brand, and with NY itself.

And so, without saying a single word, this ad just convinced me that the Fall/Winter 2015 rag & bone collection should be a part of the life journey of a guy with a stylish, urban outlook. As a marketer, I appreciated the strategic thinking and its innovative approach to making the product appealing and relevant.  On a human level, I loved every second of watching it.  In less than a day, nearly 100,000 people saw it on YouTube, so – I am not alone. Bravo, rag & bone!

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