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Each year General Electric (GE) conducts their Global Innovation Barometer survey which revealed a large, dynamic shift in innovation amongst 3200 business executives spanning 26 countries across the globe. We have taken some of the most insightful innovation statistics and put it into the GE Global Innovation Barometer infograph.

Click here  to view the full infograph- GE Global Innovation Barometer 2014 Infographic by SoapBox Innovations

SoapBox GE Infographic

Amongst the highlights, the survey found that 64 percent of respondents this year have seen how collaborative innovation is able to drive revenue and profits. As well, only one-third to one-quarter of respondents consider themselves to be currently excelling in a number of key drivers the ability to quickly adopt and implement emerging technology, and creating a company culture that encourages creativity business disruption.

SoapBox GE Infographic

Executives are no longer hiding from innovation and are instead embracing technologies and are seeking the talent and partners to support their organization as they navigate the ever changing global market.

Read the full findings of the GE Global Innovation Barometer.

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