Anti-Summit Launches at Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, 26 Do-Tanks to Produce Outcomes

An Invitation to the Innovation Excellence Community…

Bre Pettis at Bold Machines

…we are place to experiment and try stuff and we invite you to join in!  The Anti-Summit, April 23-24, in NYC is one of those experiments. Designed by multiple curators and a diverse team to be the antithesis of a conference and centered around busines activism, it will revolve around a series of Do-Tanks that solve problems, launch new stuff and create instant community.

Brain Games’ Jason Silva, Columbia’s Sheena Iyengar, a Drones for Good Competition, expeditions to…the Brooklyn Bowl, Cornell Tech, the Streets of Bushwick, Columbia Startuplab, Smart Design. Local Projects, Gotham Comedy Club, KinFolk and Bre Pettis’ new innovation workshop Bold Machines.

What’s An Anti-Summit?

If it doesn’t sound like a typical event, it’s because it’s not.  The official debut of RELEVENTS, the Anti-Summit, a “beta” event and business experiment – is a two-day experience that explores and plays with the collision of arts, sciences, humanities, technology and business and their inevitable impact on the future of innovation.

Designed in collaboration with the Disruptor Foundation

The Anti-Summit is wrapped around the the 2015 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, (just announced!) produced by the Disruptor Foundation in conjunction with Harvard Professor Clay Christensen, to be held on April 24th.   RELEVENTS Chief Collaboration Officer Kim Rivielle said this first Anti-Summit as “a social platform for real-world, live, innovation and somewhere between Davos and Burning man, the Anti-Summit is the ultimate underground experience. Every Do-Tank will materialize something – a movement, a new language, a new partnership, a crowd composed album, a newly funded business.”

How to Engage…

Join a hand-selected group of 300 to design yourself into the future.  There is no participation fee — for this year only. (Donations to the Disruptor Foundation welcome.) And, please note, because this is in beta and the Anti-Summit is committed to delivering an exceptional experience, they are only able to accept 300 applicants.

To view the agenda and application, please click here

Definitely expect to be surprised.

Opportunity to Go Behind the Scenes

To volunteer to help produce a Do-Tank at the Anti-Summit please send your contact information to (Two day commitment, includes the parties and the Disruptive Innovation Awards.)

image credits:, Andrew Federman

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