Setting Yourself Up for Failure

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

This particular quote has not only served as a mantra of great sports stars like Wayne Gretzky, but also for innovators, politicians, and  tech leaders like Larry Page and the late Steve Jobs.

Very few succeed at their first attempt at anything. Failure becomes a part what shapes the future of great companies and teams, and what separates the best from the rest of the pack. It took Michael Jordan six years of failed attempts to finally win his first coveted NBA championship title!

However, failure itself is not useful unless you learn and grow from it.  Embracing failure without learning from your mistakes is a sure recipe for disaster.

Seth Herzog, comedian and warm up comic for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to epic fails. He also is the host of Nat Geo’s Science of Stupid and can be seen sharing viral fail videos all over the web. Here’s a funny playlist he’s recently put together, that is sure to give you some laughs.

Disclaimer: Do Not Try This At Home

But now, it’s your chance to take your 60 seconds of fame and share your failure stories at the legendary Gotham Comedy Club where acts like Jerry Seinfield, Dave Chappelle, and Colin Quinn have all taken the stage. It’s guaranteed to be a liberating and unforgettable experience! Learn more at the Anti-Summit.

image credit: Tomasz Stasiuk

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