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It’s no longer just enough for brands to use social like as if it’s just another media channel. Brands, who maybe flourished during the mass media age behind carefully crafted creative marketing and TV placements, are rapidly discovering that the model does not work in today’s age.

Thanks to the internet and smart phones, we are now able to share experiences in real-time, making it crucial for brands to be transparent in their operations and their beliefs.

While brands have vied for attention, political, social and cultural movements have disrupted that model, proving that there are no audiences or consumers, only participants and advocates. The transparency translates to consumers not only consuming products out of need but, doing so because they support, endorse and believe in the product/company.

So what will the future of brands look like, and how will social media help?

“Brands will still be symbols, but they will represent real distinction” — Jonathan Salem Baskin

Jonathan Salem Baskin, author of “Histories Of Social Media“, predicts the future of brands will look a lot like the past. What does he mean by that? The gap between connecting brands and consumers has been eliminated through social media. A brand’s uniqueness, actions, and ideals will be the main differentiator in those that truly make a lasting connection with people.

If you want to learn a bit more about his two minute point of view check out the video clip here.

Join Jonathan and other industry insiders at the Anti-Summit (beta) when they will explore how these movements are the way for brands to use social media more authentically and effectively.

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