Not 1 but 2 New Podcasts for Innovators and Product Managers

Not One But Two New Innovation Podcasts

Have you encountered the wealth of free information available in the form of audio (and sometimes video) podcasts for your listening pleasure and education? Podcasts exists in numerous categories of topics, such as business, art, games, health, news, technology, and more. Podcasts can be found on the websites of their producers and most easily on iTunes for iOS or Stitcher for Android.

New this year are two podcasts specifically for innovators and product managers. The first started in January and is The Everyday Innovator.  Each week it provides interviews with product professionals, discussing their successes, failures, and lessons-learned to help you excel in your career and create products customers love.

The topics are relevant to product and innovation management, and include: creating a culture of innovation, managing product development, validating the viability of product concepts, conducting market research, selecting a product innovation methodology, generating product ideas, working well with teams and cross-functionally, interviewing for product management roles, and much more.

The second started in March and is titled This is Product Management. It is hosted by Mike Fishbein. Nis interviews brilliant minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel modern innovation and product management.

Episodes take a deep dive into user experience, statistics, innovation, differentiation, design, development, metrics, and more.

As the host of The Everyday Innovator, I interviewed Nis Frome, the producer of This is Product Management, to discuss the information the podcast brings to listeners. To provide a taste of the topics covered so far on the podcast, Nis reviewed one his favorites – demand validation of digital (software) products.

Demand Validation

Demand validation occurs before optimizing a product and involves a single type of customer experiment that demonstrates at least one customer is interested in the product concept. Getting from zero customers to one customer is the beginning of demand validation and prepares for going from one customer to thousands of customers. Nis discussed two tools for demand validation:

  1. In-person interviews. Ask potential customers about the problem, how they solve it, other solutions they have considered, is it an important problem, etc. The benefit of in-person interviews is what can be added through the body language observed. People to interview can be found through existing relationships, past and current customers, paid ads, and other means.
  2. Interactive prototyping. Creating an initial software prototype and asking customers to provide feedback on it can lead to valuable insights in just a few hours. Variations in the prototypes split tested with different cohorts of customers can be used to identify the best approaches to aspects of the problem.

Listen to the interview with Nis Frome on The Everyday Innovator Podcast.

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Chad McAllister, PhD is a product innovation guide, innovation management educator, and recovering engineer. He leads Product Innovation Educators, which trains product managers to create products customers love. He also hosts The Everyday Innovator weekly podcast, sharing knowledge from innovation thought leaders and practitioners. Follow him on Twitter.

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