Crowd Marketing: Innovation to Increase Your Sales

Being the owner of online business, your #1 goal is to boost conversions.

This is crazy:

Content marketing is a king today, but there is one more “beast” that becomes more and more popular among online marketers, because it brings terrific results.

Its name is crowd marketing.

Crowd marketing is hard to call innovation (you’ve definitely heard of such a phenomenon as crowd sourcing), but it’s innovation by all means.

Crowd sourcing improves your content marketing, crowd marketing improves your conversions and increases your sales. If you want to know how to use this technique and what benefits it brings, keep reading.

What is crowd marketing?

It’s easy to get the point: your clever comment under this article can bring some visitors to your website, and if this website is what people really need – these visitors can turn into your clients.

The main principle of crowd marketing: let others write and generate content for you

How to do that?

1. Ask key influencers in the niche who already speak with your target audience to mention your business and link to your website. They have thousands of followers, people trust their opinion; so, if some key influencer links to your website or mention your brand – it’s a win!

Where to find them?

  • Check social media platforms of your current fans
  • Find out who they follow, and determine who has the relevant base
  • Approach these people and ask of they want to participate

For example, Neil Patel can be called a key influencer in online marketing niche:

Jeff Goins is a prime example of a key influencer within the writing niche:

2. Hire specialists to manage your crowd marketing campaign, using all relevant online communities, forums, societies. This process is long, and it will not bring you immediate results. But it works!

What is the process?

  • You select freelancers who’ll write content for you.
  • You hire professional crowd marketers who will moderate freelancers’ work.
  • You teach freelancers and tell what you want from them.

When people are ready, the link building process begins:

  • Make a list of relevant online communities where your target audience can be found.
  • Register accounts there.
  • Check about 700 different threads that fits your niche somehow, post 100 comments there (no links!).
  • Create 20-30 informative and relevant threads for each account.
  • Now it’s time to post some links to your website: add them with your comments (post about 100 links).
  • Wait for communities’ moderators to approve your links.
  • Do not be naïve to have all those 100 links approved. Big chances are, only 10% of them will go live after moderation.
  • Start the process from the very beginning.

Where to find writers who will create social content (threads, comments, messages, profiles) for you?

Thanks to the Internet era, we have many resources to look for writing specialists and hire them for freelance work.

Just Google it!” to find professional freelance writers in the niche you need. Benefits of crowd marketing for your business

  • Leads. People trust key influencers, so they likely follow recommendations and check your product. Moreover, they may tell others about it too, bringing more visitors to your website.
  • Traffic. Links got with the help of crowd marketing generate transitions.
  • Quality. It’s impossible to get low-quality links with crowd marketing, because neither influencers nor online communities moderators will post it if it’s bad.
  • Natural links. Thanks to crowd marketing, your traffic will grow organically: all links are natural here.
  • Security. Search engines will not ban you for these links, as they are natural.

Learn how to use crowd marketing for your online business, and you will get very good results. Though this process can be complex (key influencers do not owe you anything, and it can be not easy to get them work with you), it works: use it as a part of your content marketing campaign or an independent technique to build trust and increase your sales.

image credit: Phil Roeder

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