The Top 10 Chinese Tech CEOs

China is full of rising or established successful entrepreneurs and is nowadays a huge contributor of technologies innovations around the world. Tech companies have been merging these years, driven by ambitious leaders ready to innovate whenever they can. This article will feature the Top 10 successful CEOs of Chinese Tech companies.

Ma Huatang, the man behind WeChat

The Tencent CEO’s managed to launch the biggest social network app on the Chinese market, which basically make the application the world’s biggest messaging app. He is a Jack-of-all passing from Social Medias to e-commerce, a great future is predicted to this company.

Robin Li, the man who surpassed Google in China

Robin Li is the CEO of Baidu, China’s top search engine by far! Indeed Baidu used to old more than 70% of the Chinese search market thanks to Google banishment in China.

Jack Ma, the man dominating the Chinese E-commerce market

Can you realise how powerful you are when you are holding the highest market share on the World’s first e-commerce market! Well that gives you a sneak peak on Jack Ma’s wealth. He is playing on multiple fields, running e-commerce platforms (what product brands in China is not running business on Taobao or Tmall today in China?), instant messaging applications, and mobile payment tools.

Lei Jun, the man who is competing with Apple

Drawing his inspiration on Steve Job’s success story, Lei Jun’s company is based on providing hi-tech hardware similar to Samsung or Apple quality but at an affordable price. Isn’t that everyone want? Xiaomi encounter a huge success in China and throughout Asia. They even broke a record by selling more than 2 million smartphones on a single platform in 1 day.

Charles Chao, the man behind the ‘Chinese Twitter’

Sina Weibo is the hottest social media Website in China, if you don’t know this, now you know. Weibo register a huge community as 143 million of users are active each month.

Hongyi Zhou, the man who is nibbling Baidu’s market share

With Qihoo 360 Hongyi Zhou is planning on taking over Baidu’s supremacy, which is not easy at all. For the moment 360 succeeded in make Baidu’s market share go from 71% to 58%. The next battle will probably set up in the mobile market, where Qihoo 360 has an advantage since it operated a partnership with Ali Baba.

Gong Haiyan, the woman who wants to get China married

Jiayuan is more than a dating site, not only it helps people to meet but it has a less flirty image. The network is aiming at solid-based, serious and long-term relationship. With more than 12 million users, Jiayuan meets a huge success in China.

Yang Yuanqing, the man running Lenovo

After knowing a decreasing of ThinkPad’s purchasing when they decided to acquire the IBM firm, Lenovo succeeded in becoming the world’s first computer producer.

Ren Zhengfei, the man making billions out of razor-thin margins

No need to apply enormous margin to ensure profitability, Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei has proven it by becoming the world’s second largest supplier of telecoms network equipment with its high quality/low prices smartphones.

Yu Shumin, the man offering affordable TVs

You may not have heard of the HiSense brand, providing electronic goods at a high quality but with accessible prices. HiSense has already took over US, let’s see where it will operate then. Here is the Chinese CEOs and companies you need to look out for in the future.

Source : Forbes

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