5 New Tools For Innovators From The Collision Conference

If there is a problem you are facing, there was a probably a startup at Collision working on a solution. Collision is a “new type of tech event for America.” It is a sister event to Europe’s largest tech conference, Web Summit, and recently took place in Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project (Las Vegas). 7500 attendees at Collision included over 1000 startups, 250 world-class speakers and 450 of the world’s leading tech investors.

The hundreds of startups that pitched and/or exhibited at Collision represented a wide range of industries and applications. Buried between the countless new social and shopping apps; however, were a handful of truly exciting new solutions to enable innovators across organizations of all size.


Revolutionize teamwork with gamification. With Atta, teamwork abilities are automatically monitored and assessed by the company’s complex algorithm. Scores are determined according to a variety of criteria, and personalized gamified goals are created for every team member based upon the respective strengths and shortcomings they display.


Source ideas from all of your employees and track their contributions. Champio is a platform where a company’s employees compete to share the best/most relevant social media posts about the business. The winning posts are rewarded and Champio’s platform also analyzes the content to determine which will gain the most traction online. By sourcing ideas from all employees and tracking their contributions, Champio “ties innovation directly to every individual’s happiness and career.”


How do you decide which innovation-related conference to attend? This new online platform is like Yelp for industry events. ConfIQ provides user-driven conference reviews from attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Conferences are an essential outlet for individual and corporate innovators to connect, learn and grow. ConfIQ can help you decide which ones to attend or as a speaker, which ones will give you the best audience for sharing your ideas.


A good innovator knows that inspiration can come from anywhere. Creativ is a social media platform and print publication to help like-minded people share creativity, inspiration and ideas from around the world. The group’s mission sums it up perfectly: “We believe that creativity is the most precious resource that humans have. We are passionate about supporting those who are catalyzing and leading the great breakthroughs and creative endeavors of tomorrow. The future belongs to the creative and the curious.”


Connect your team with TeamPlace. Thanks to unlimited storage space, they make exchanging files and working together on documents, presentations and plans easier than ever. The Berlin-based startup has a clear mission: “Making the sharing of files and team collaboration easier than ever before.”

This is just a small sampling of the many new and innovative startups that convened in Las Vegas for Collision. To learn more about others that presented, event organizers have compiled a Startup Directory. Innovators from just about every corner of the globe are represented.

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Marketer. Innovator. Connector. Jason Williams is the Owner of SPYCOMPS consulting firm and Communication Director for Centric: Indy’s Innovation Network. Connect with him on Twitter @jawbrain

Jason Williams

Innovator. Marketer. Connector. Jason Williams is a curious explorer whose purpose is to drive innovation through capacity-building connections. With nearly 20 years in corporate marketing and innovation community leadership positions, he has had a front row seat to the common challenges and popular solutions shared by leaders and organizations across many different industries and sectors.




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