Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen

Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen – In conversation with Porus Munshi (Audio)

In  a free wheeling conversation, we host Porus Munshi, author of the best selling book “Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen”.

Why is he on the show

I have worked with Porus on an innovation project and from experience know that he is a great coach and has the uncanny ability to guide the teams to achieve their goals without any compromises. His understanding of the breakthrough or leapfrog innovation process is very deep and I have learnt a lot in every conversation that i have had with him over the past few years. .

What are we talking about

In this episode, we talk about making breakthrough innovations happen or enabling leapfrog performances.

In this freewheeling conversation we talk about

  • leapfrog innovation and how you could make leapfrogs both in your organization and in your personal lives.
  • We will also talk about how average organizations with average people can achieve extra-ordinary performances.
  • How Process Beats Talent
  • Ichchha Shakti (Power of Purpose), Gyan Shakti (Power of Knowledge) & Kriya shakti (Power of action) and how all the three play a critical role in any innovation project
  • How it is easier to do a 10x leap in performance than attempting a 2x leap
  • What is the biggest limiting factor for peak performance in individuals and organizations
  • What is an insight and how can insights lead to breakthrough leaps in performances
  • We talk about the role of a leader in an organization
  • How we could implement the same principles of leap frog innovation in our own lives and achieve extraordinary results.

We had a great conversation and I learnt a lot from Porus. Hope you listen in and enjoy the conversation as well.

You can connect with Porus on twitter.

This article originally appeared on Mukesh Gupta’s Blog and has been republished with permission.

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