Innovation Quickie: Delegation

“I’m good at getting money behind things, raising capital. I’m good at strategically directing businesses. I think John brings a lot of that, but I think he also brings operational and tactical prowess.”

– Scott Jones, Eleven Fifty Coding Academy

Voicemail pioneer and ChaCha founder, Scott Jones, is arguably one of Indiana’s most successful innovators. He is also quick to recognize his weaknesses and delegate some tasks to those better suited to run them. In an interview for the Indianapolis Business Journal, Jones acknowledges that his best projects have happened when he “had a strong operational leader.” In the case of his new venture, Eleven Fifty Coding Academy, Jones brought on former Bluelock CEO John Qualls to lead the organization. Qualls started as president earlier this year.

Part of being a successful innovator is being able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Be willing to step out of the way and delegate some tasks to others so your ideas and initiatives can shine.

image credit: Eleven Fifty

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