Results from the Annual Study of Product Team Performance

Product Team PerformanceIf you want to know what makes high-performing product teams tick and tock, you need to know about this report. In its 4th year,  the annual Study of Product Team Performance shares insights into factors that drive or influence the best product team outcomes.

Each year, around 1100-1400 people participate in the survey, many of them in senior management and leadership positions that identify themselves as:

  • Brand manager,
  • Business analyst,
  • Development manager,
  • Engineer,
  • Product manager,
  • Product marketing manager,
  • Product owner,
  • Program manager,
  • Project manager, or
  • User experience professional.

To learn more about the study findings, I interviewed its lead researcher, Greg Geracie.   See link for podcast interview below.

4 New Factors Reflective of Best Practice

The first year the study was conducted, five factors were identified that correlated with highly performing product teams while the same factors were all but absent in low performing product teams. With the 4th year of the study, now 20 factors have been identified that influence high performance and successful product team outcomes. Four new factors surfaced this year, reflective of changes in product development and management trends. The factors are:

  • Strategic decision-making — product teams that develop their capacity for strategic decision-making and following strategic objectives are aligned with higher performance.
  • Standup frequency – teams that regularly and frequently hold standup meetings are much more likely to be higher performing.
  • Quick problem recovery – teams that are nimble and can adapt to unforeseen issues quickly are correlated with higher performance.
  • UX collaboration – active and early participation and product development with user experience professionals leads to more successful product teams.

To learn more about the study findings…

Listen to the interview with Greg Geracie on The Everyday Innovator Podcast.

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