Techweek New York: Celebrating entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere

Techweek New York: Celebrating entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere
On October 12-18, Techweek plans to excite New York City by bringing together entrepreneurs, tech partners, diverse thinkers, makers, innovators, and enthusiasts for a a week-long festival that celebrates the entrepreneurial craft, character, and charisma of New York’s tech community.

Techweek NY will host a stream of educational and networking events, a jam-packed taste of technology and innovation via its 2015 tech conference plus expo, workshops, keynotes, interactive tour, panels discussions, launch competition for startups, hiring fair, food trucks, FashionTech, mixers, music, and more.

On the eve of their New York City kickoff event, we caught up with Techweek CEO, Katy Lynch, whose recent arrival has ushered in excitement, expansion and expectation.

How are you bringing Techweek’s mission, “Building a better world through tech entrepreneurship” to life ?

We bring together an entire tech ecosystem in a place where brand new startups can rub shoulders with big brands, established VC’s, and successful entrepreneurs. The stories we love are those of someone meeting a co-founder, finding an investor, getting a new job, or hearing a talk that leads to a conversation that leads to a different path for their company.

What are the trends in tech you’re most excited about?


Robotics, drones, and virtual reality. My husband is always filling our home with toys – most recently a CNC mill which he’s using to try and build a robot.

What is the state of women in tech? How are women in tech doing?

Awesome question! There needs to be more women in STEM. Period. Thing is – we need to stop just talking about it and actually do something about it. Action speaks louder than words. The more media coverage about women in tech kicking ass, the more support from our male counterparts, the more activity and action around female tech entrepreneurs, the better! The great news is that there are now more resources than ever that women can tap into to get their career started in tech. Some of my favorite initiatives and programs are Girls Who CodeWomen 2.0, ASTIA, and the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.*

In reaction to the 2015 Best Global Brands announcement by Interbrand last week, one media company ran a story, Are tech brands dominating the world? Are tech brands dominating the world, and how does the CEO of techweek respond?

It is no surprise to me that tech brands are dominating the world. Think about it – we live in a very connected world and we use technology for (almost) everything we do: to travel, to order food, to socialize with friends, to communicate at work. Future generations will rely even more heavily on technology than we already do. It’ll be very interesting to see this list in the next five years… in the next ten years… tech brands will continue to dominate.

What is it about Techweek that people don’t know that you’d like them to know?

Techweek subscribes to a ‘rise of the rest’ mentality. We believe that in this global day in age, exceptional tech companies can be built anywhere, not just in Silicon Valley.

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*Editor’s note: Shout out to one of my favorites: Women’s Coding Collective for power boosting women coders and creators.



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