Last Call! Innoloft Accelerator offers Startups $10k

The Innoloft Small Business Innovation Program is a robust accelerator hosted and run by Constant Contact. It’s designed to support entrepreneurs passionate about helping small businesses by building new products, features and services.

Twice a year, small classes of startups will take up residence in our show-stopping InnoLoft: 30,000 square feet of lab, test kitchen, play room, business school, safe space, and launch pad for startups to work, disrupt, dream, test, strategize and plan.

In four-month sessions, startups get the run of the InnoLoft, from our UX lab to reconfigurable meeting and work space to showers for those late nights. And they get the run of our network, too. From our internal marketing, social media, tech and small business experts, to advisors, investors, and potential customers. They’ll meet everyone critical to the growth, scalability and success of their startup.

SMB Innoloft Startup Accelerator: Deadline & Program Details

Deadline is midnight October 29, 2015

  • Four month program
  • Free office spaceStartups should be building a product, service or solution for Small businesses and Non Profits.
  • Apply at
  • $10,000 issued to startups for marketing expenses
  • No equity taken
  • Access to over 10,000 Constant Contact customers through Test Drive (
  • Access to Constant Contact employees
  • Free Office Space from February 1st 2016 to May 31st 2016

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Last Call! Innoloft Accelerator offers Startups $10k - Innovation ExcellenceShanker Sahai is the Principal Innovation Catalyst at Constant Contact. A civil engineer turned entrepreneur, he founded a startup that combined hardware, software and payment integration and lead it to a successful acquisition. Shanker raised a small angel round through prominent angel investors both in the Boston area and west coast which has won numerous awards in Business Competitions and was nominated one of the top 12 innovators in Massachusetts.

Shanker Sahai




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