GE & Nat Geo: 'Breakthrough' TV series celebrates innovation in science

GE & Nat Geo: Breakthrough TV series celebrates scientific progress and innovation - Innovation ExcellenceGE has partnered with National Geographic on a new series, Breakthrough, which premieres tonight, November 1st on the Nat Geo channel. The series examines scientific explorers and cutting-edge innovations. Crews went behind the scenes with scientists from GE’s Global Research Center who are either featured in the series or are doing work related to series topics. They share their work and how it will impact our world.

For example, the series features biologist Fiona Ginty who has spent the last decade at GE Global Research trying to crack cancer’s code.

“When I was a young child, I wanted to be an inventor, but thought that everything had already been invented,” Ginty says. “As an adult scientist, I came to see how much work there’s left to do.”

Each of the Breakthrough episodes was directed by a different marquee name. Peter Berg was behind the Pandemics episode, Angela Bassett did an installment on clean water, Paul Giamatti focused on human engineering, Ron Howard on aging, Brett Ratner on improving the brain, and Akiva Goldsman on the need for clean energy.

The first episode of the series, which was produced by Hollywood’s Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, is focused on pandemics, specifically Ebola. It premieres tonight at 9pm ET on National Geographic Channel, but can be streamed after it airs. Here’s a sneak preview:

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