Finding the “C” in innovation

We tend to ignore the change part of innovation

I believe we need to rethink this and evaluate the significant changes that should be taking place within our internal organizations as we expand our innovation activities.

A classic change model needs an update- Lewin’s change model

  • We need to ‘unfreeze’ through recognition of our present rigidity >
  • We should make a ‘transition’ through experiment and exploration >
  • Finally we should not ‘refreeze’ as the recognition of past views have offered, we need to build the adaptive, agile and fluid needs for today of learning, collaborating and embracing change. We simply cannot refreeze.

We need a ‘C’ change to always sit side-by-side with innovation

Innovation is always like a change project, it needs to be mapped out, assessed and change built in, it needs thinking through in its impact so as to relate and identify with all that does occur within any innovation adoption.

Finding the “C” in innovation is all around us, in all we do

For this post let’s take a “lighter” look at the importance of the ‘C’ we need to find in our innovation efforts

So thinking “C” is central to innovation- we actually find it everywhere

I’ve spotted so many C’s in our innovation need. Let me provide some of these here:

This is made up of the search to build a common language, to put innovation in its appropriate strategic and operational context, to work on communicating and cascading this throughout the organization, so as to build the culture, climate and conditions innovation needs to work on challenging and sometimes complex issues.

We consistently need to provide the clarity that all need to contribute so this ‘broader universe’ can spark the distinctive aspects of cultivating curiosity and creativity that has the greater potential of being converted into the innovation that delivers on its capital in the potential promise to captivate our customers.

The ultimate aim is building identification and understanding so as to build up the capabilities, capacities and competencies required to deliver on the integrated approach taken. This is led from the top through a well-designed approach and then fully conveyed down on the needs throughout the organization for all involved to align and bring innovation to life, to spark curiosity, co-operation and collaborative exchanges, to combine ideas, to be capable to build on these and take them forward in coherent, thoughtful ways, offering calculated returns.

What we design needs to seeks out to capture and encourage engagement, we need to crystallize new concepts, construct and commercialize solutions and be the providing catalyst for sustaining change and growing confidence, connecting our people, converting and clarifying, convincing all our respected communities of innovations value, of its growing critical importance and vital contribution to influence and determine future growth as well as creating the conditions for sustaining and improving the organizational longer-term prospects of lasting competitive advantage.

So have you had your daily dose of the critical vitamin C compound that comprises much of what we need for our innovation good heath?

Can you appreciate the “C” in innovation?

Finally from me, a Ciao from Southern Switzerland
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Paul Hobcraft runs Agility Innovation, an advisory business that stimulates sound innovation practice, researches topics that relate to innovation for the future, as well as aligning innovation to organizations core capabilities. Find him @paul4innovating

Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft is recognized for his consistency to champion and informs on innovation. He focuses on building innovation capacity, competencies, and capabilities and promotes innovation in informative, creative and knowledgeable ways, piecing together the broader understanding of innovation. Paul continually constructs a series of novel and relevant frameworks to help advance this innovation understanding and writes mainly through his posting site of where he regularly publishes his thinking and research based on solutions that underpin his advisory, coaching and consulting work at




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