Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2015

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2015Building upon the success of Braden Kelley’s Blogging Innovation, we launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2015 was our fourth full year of operations. To celebrate we’ve pulled together the Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2015 from our archive of over 7,500 innovation-related articles from more than 400 contributing authors.

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We do some other rankings too. At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month and we also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our Innovation Excellence Weekly email and FREE MAGAZINE, so an annual Top 100 seems like a logical fit.

Did your favorite make the cut?

But enough delay, here are the 100 most popular innovation posts of 2015 (each receiving 7,400 – 56,000+ page views):

  1. 15 Surprising Discoveries About Learning – by Saga Briggs
  2. Research: Employee Engagement in the Innovation Process – by Eugene Ivanov and Doug Williams
  3. How Design Thinking Uses Story and Prototyping – by Chad McAllister
  4. The Real Benefit of Design Thinking – by Michael Graber
  5. Creating a Corporate Culture for Design Thinking – by Chad McAllister
  6. How Big Ideas Are Built – by Rowan Gibson
  7. 10 Most Powerful Uses of Technology for Learning – by Saga Briggs
  8. Design Thinking – by Shawn Nason
  9. Design Thinking: a tested method for creating breakthrough innovation – by Michael Graber
  10. Apply the 5 Steps of Design Thinking to Solve Customer Problems – by Chad McAllister
  11. Design Thinking in Lima Peru – by Scott Underwood
  12. Healthovate Cincinatti: How Konica Minolta Co-creates Solutions for the Future – by Guillermo Sander
  13. Ten Ways to Reduce Your Failure Rate of Innovation – by Gijs van Wulfen
  14. Top 10 Reasons Not to Innovate – by Braden Kelley
  15. Best Motivational Quotes to Inspire – INFOGRAPHIC
  16. 15 Quotes to Spark Creativity – by Gijs van Wulfen
  17. The Problem with Corporate Innovation – by Jeffrey Phillips
  18. Agile Change is Coming – by Braden Kelley
  19. A Power Tool for Creative Thinking – by Rowan Gibson
  20. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate, Innovate – by Paul Sloane
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  22. 8 Secrets for Internal Startup Success – by Robert B Tucker
  23. Do CEOs See Innovation as a Priority? – by Braden Kelley
  24. Business Model Innovation – by Nicolas Bry
  25. All Aboard the Sensor Revolution: How the Internet of Things is Driving Innovation – by Robert F Brands
  26. Distinct Approaches to Business Model Innovation – by Ralph Ohr
  27. Hiring the Right Chief Innovation Officer – by Braden Kelley
  28. What Innovation Can Learn From Science – by Kevin McFarthing
  29. The Rise of the Corporate Innovation Unit – by Paul Sloane
  30. The Top 5 Brand Strategy Trends of 2015 – by Elizabeth Cagen
  31. 6 Processes for Generating Ideas for Radical Innovations–Design Thinking Series – by Chad McAllister
  32. Away With the Innovation Funnel Process – by Yoram Solomon
  33. The Five Hottest Innovation Trends – by Robert B Tucker
  34. Innovation Requires Experimentation – by Janet Sernack
  35. The Internet of Things Needs Innovators With These Three Traits: Sound Like You? – by Andrew Timm
  36. Communication in Innovation – by Nicolas Bry
  37. A New Approach to Business Model Innovation – by Gijs van Wulfen
  38. Mobile Technology May Not Always Be the Answer – by Robert Conrad
  39. Separate Innovation from Entrepreneurship! – by Yoram Solomon
  40. The Neuroscience of Storytelling – INFOGRAPHIC
  41. One Size Doesn’t Fit All Innovation – by Ralph Ohr

  42. Build a common language of innovation on your team

  43. How Power is Shifting from Corporations to Platforms – by Greg Satell
  44. Cloud Computing is Dead, Long Live the Cloud! – by Braden Kelley
  45. Re-Framing Innovation in 2015 – How iteration really does transform fear of failure – by Mukesh Gupta
  46. Why is Jack Ma More Inspiring than Steve Jobs? – by Thibaud Andre
  47. The Deeper Side of Big Data – by Lynda Koster
  48. Triumph of the Innovation Economy – by Rowan Gibson
  49. 7 Characteristics of Highly Successful Innovators – by Eddie Newquist
  50. Who is Responsible For Innovation in My Company? – by Yoram Solomon
  51. Six Essentials to Cultivating an Innovation Culture – by Robert B Tucker
  52. Innovation and Organizational Culture – by Ralph Ohr
  53. How to boost creativity in your organization? – by Stephan Vincent
  54. Debunking Disruptive Innovation – Why Disruptive Innovation is NOT a Strategy – by Soren Kaplan
  55. Six Levels of Leadership – by Fabiaan Van Vrekhem
  56. The Future of Money – by Greg Satell
  57. Peter Thiel’s 4 Rules For Creating A Great Business – by Greg Satell
  58. 7 Innovations that Will Shape Business in 2015 – by Luis Gallardo
  59. A Look At PepsiCo’s Recent Open Innovation Efforts: #CSReport2015 – by Yannig Roth
  60. What We Can Learn About Innovation From Crows – by Braden Kelley
  61. Most Innovation is Becoming Business Model Innovation – by Paul Hobcraft and Jeffrey Phillips
  62. Don’t Try to Develop Disruptive Innovation – by Kevin McFarthing
  63. Mark Polson, Creativity and Estee Lauder – the IX Interview – by Julie Anixter
  64. When It Comes to Innovation, Spontaneity Beats Structure – by Kevin Daly
  65. Innovation Outperformers – Highlights from New IBM Research – by Braden Kelley
  66. Why Marketers Are Key Players in the Business Innovation Game – by Elizabeth Cagen
  67. Organizational Models for Breakthrough Innovation – by Ralph Ohr
  68. How Wells Fargo Learned to Innovate Around the Customer – by Greg Satell
  69. The Wow, the How, and Incubating Big Ideas – by Mark Payne
  70. Pete Foley Q&A: 4 Questions on Innovation – by Tyler Hagy
  71. Abundance: A Landscape for Change in Healthcare – by LeAnna J. Carey
  72. Chief Digital Officer – Mastermind of the Digital Transformation – by Nicolas Bry
  73. How to Create Customer Engagement by Providing a Unique Experience – by Stephan Vincent
  74. Nerd Fight – Microsoft Hololens vs. Google Glass – by Braden Kelley
  75. Robert Tucker’s 10 Most Innovative Companies – by Robert B Tucker
  76. 10 Ways to Discover What You Don’t Know that You Don’t Know – by Jorge Barba
  77. Myth Busted: Does Creativity Need Resources? – by Yoram Solomon
  78. Changing the World – Step One – by Braden Kelley
  79. The Top Three Enemies of Innovation – Waiting, Waiting, Waiting – by Mike Shipulski
  80. Don’t Fail with Innovation Failure – by Kevin McFarthing
  81. Culture Knocks Out Strategy – by Patrick Willer
  82. 20 Cognitive Biases that Impact Innovation – by Pete Foley

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  84. 8 Widening Cracks in our Innovation Process – by Paul Hobcraft
  85. 2015: The Year The Cloud Bursts – by Greg Satell
  86. Enterprise Innovation Fights Back – by Matthew Griffin
  87. An Innovative Approach to Customer Experience Design – by Chris Thomason
  88. Three Key Disruptors to Business as Usual – by Janet Sernack
  89. Is Gamification Right for Your Company? – by Robert Conrad
  90. Spread Your Love of Innovation with Flipboard – by Innovation Excellence
  91. Good Value Proposition Design – Interview with Alex Osterwalder
  92. What’s Your Innovation IP Strategy? – by Jackie Hutter
  93. The Greatest Innovation in Olympic History – by John K. Coyle
  94. Innovation Building Blocks – by Brett Trusko
  95. 3 Major Problems with Web Development Projects – by Melissa Burns
  96. What Stops Us Moving Innovation into our Core? – by Paul Hobcraft
  97. Who is Responsible for Social Collaboration? – by Patrick Willer
  98. 16 Ways Your Brain Is Sabotaging Your Effort To Learn – by Saga Briggs
  99. Thought Leader Wanted – by Braden Kelley
  100. The Dynamics of a Creative Team – by Yoram Solomon
  101. Change Your Questions, Change the World – by Janet Sernack
  102. 25 Disruptive Technology Trends 2015 – 2016 – by Brian Solis
  103. Most Companies Suck at Innovation Because… – by Braden Kelley

Now, these are the Top 100 innovation articles of 2015 based on the number of page views. If your favorite Innovation Excellence article didn’t make the cut, then add it to the comments and maybe we’ll consider doing a People’s Choice List for 2015.

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