8 Innovative Features of Cell Phone Tapping Software

We often feel frustrated and stressed out when things at work and at home don’t go in the direction that we want. There are unforeseen developments that cause delays at work, or unforeseen events that your children want to go to, and not having control over these developments can make you feel crippled. Sometimes, you feel as if knowing things beforehand can save you from sudden unwanted developments. However, with technology taking things to new heights, you can use highly innovative cell phone tapping software apps to get more insight and better control by monitoring target people.

XNSPY Mobile Spy Software

An ideal example of such a software app that offers value for your money by coming with more than one amazing feature is XNSPY

How these apps make monitoring people easier and much better is through the following eight innovative features:

1. Remote Access with Stealth Mode – With such apps, you can get remote access to the target person’s cell phone whether it is an Android or iOS device. This feature allows you to lock the target’s cell phone whenever you feel it is necessary, and allows you to wipe data on it. Because it operates in stealth mode, the target person cannot detect it, which gives you an upper hand to control any unwanted situation.

2. Record Calls – You can record and listen to all the calls the target person makes. Through this feature, you can gain many leads on what the target person is planning and stay ahead of him or her. In an office setup, this feature can help keep recorded messages for reference. Sometimes, keeping track of everything becomes difficult. A recorded call can serve as a good way to revisit important information. At home, you can listen to conversations your child has with various people in the contact list on his or her phone if you cannot pay attention while at work. This way, you won’t miss anything in both office and personal life.

3. Monitor Text Messages – This feature allows you to read all SMS messages the target person sends and receives. If a target person (employee or your kid) is planning something without consulting you, you can find and take necessary steps. Besides, from a professional viewpoint, this feature allows you be aware of what the target employee is thinking or discussing behind your back. At home, if your child is being a victim of bullying or getting involved in harmful things, you can take immediate action to help the child. The watch-list word feature allows you to mark words for which you want notification if the target uses them.

4. Monitor IM Chats – Most cell phone tapping software don’t come with this feature. It allows you to monitor all chats, calls, and photos that the target person sends and receives via internet chat apps. It is impossible to stop people from using apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line with their cell phones. However, at work, you can use such apps to keep a check on them to make sure that they do not violate company’s privacy policies. At home, you can keep an eye on your children to make sure that they don’t misuse these apps and attract harmful situations. You can also use the watch-list feature for monitoring IM Chats.

5. GPS tracking – Sometimes, knowing where a target person is at any given time becomes very necessary. For instance, if your child goes on a school trip but you feel concerned, you can use this feature to keep a check on him or her. Similarly, if an employee is going on an office trip but you need to know about the progress at every step of the way to make sure things work according to plan, you can use this feature. There is no need to fret because you cannot get a clear picture of the person’s whereabouts.

6. Geo-fencing – There are times when you need to control peoples’ access to places. Knowing when they leave or arrive at a specific location can be necessary if you must work according to a strict plan. Sometimes, business owners have to make sure that they know exactly when an employee arrives or leaves a destination. At such times, apps like XNSPY that have this feature help a lot. In your personal life, this feature can enable you to keep an eye on when your child leaves or enters marked places. If there is the need to take disciplinary action because the target goes to a place marked as illicit by you, you can do that with justified reason.

7. Record Surroundings – Sometimes, knowing what people discuss in your absence at home or at work becomes necessary. In fact, from a professional point of view, knowing what a competitor is planning can be very helpful. It can allow you to stay in the lead and plan ahead of the competitor. Sending an employee with a monitoring app that has this feature installed to a summit meeting where you cannot go to, can be a good idea.

8. Around the Clock Instant Alerts – These innovative apps are not famous for naught. They actually keep the user informed 24/7 through instant alerts. Whenever the target person does anything for which you want information.

Overall, if you don’t want unexpected and unwanted developments that can ruin your plans or if you want to stay ahead of the game at home and at work, then using such you may want to try cell phone tapping software.

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