How I Use Design Thinking to Leverage Strength and Design ‘around’ Weakness

How I Use Design Thinking to Leverage Strength and Design 'around' Weakness

I was recently invited to be a guest on the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. During the show I shared my story of how I applied “design thinking” to leverage my strengths and design around my weaknesses. This approach resulted in breakthrough performances as both an athlete and an entrepreneur.

I also had a chance to discuss my obsession with “chronoception” or how we, as humans, experience and process time. Check it out – it was a fun interview:

You can find the full interview here

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and I love to hear people’s stories. Please comment here or contact me to share a time when you figured out a new approach to an old problem and were thrilled with the outcome! Here’s to Really Living!

P.S. My book, The Art of Really Living Manifesto, has been released as a coffee table book. A limited edition paperback of this poetic piece, illustrated with evocative photography, is available on Amazon or here.

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John K. Coyle is a Senior Vice President and professor of Innovation, founder of The Art of Really Living movement, NBC commentator, author, and an Olympic silver medalist. John is a thought leader in the field of horology (the study of time). He has a B.S in Product Design from Stanford and an MBA from Northwestern Kellog School of Management. Follow or reach out to John @coylejohnk and

John K. Coyle




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