Innovation Quickie: Action!

Get out. Get input. Get going. SmallBox is a “culture-powered marketing firm” in Indianapolis, Indiana that hosts monthly Serial Box breakfast lectures.

At one of these events, Leigh Marino (SmallBox Creative Director), shared about culture and branding.

Marino’s talk focused on a cultural pyramid of building blocks for authentic brands. Basically, the idea that authenticity happens when an organization focuses on their values and behaviors first, rather than on their offerings. One lesson she shared directly applied to the innovation process.

As part of the values-building process, organizations need to collect information from inside AND outside the group. Then to create values, these insights must be acted on.

Get Out!

For marketers and innovators alike, it is important to get outside of your organizations for new information and insights. How do others view your company? What do customers think? What do customers want? It is not good enough to rely on internal information that may be biased or clouded.

Get Input!

It is still equally important to gather input from inside your organization. But this doesn’t mean that managers should be convened to come up with the answers. Organizations should speak with everyone in the organization. Every employee should have an opinion on the place they work and many will have ideas and insights for innovation initiatives. What is working? What isn’t? What feedback have they received? What improvements would they implement?

Get Going!

For any company initiative, ideas are only good if they are acted on. Once information is gathered for new company cultural values or a new innovation direction, the organization must get going to implement that information.

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Marketer. Innovator. Connector. Jason Williams is the Owner of SPYCOMPS consulting firm and Communication Director for Centric: Indy’s Innovation Network. Connect with him on Twitter @jawbrain

Jason Williams

Innovator. Marketer. Connector. Jason Williams is a curious explorer whose purpose is to drive innovation through capacity-building connections. With nearly 20 years in corporate marketing and innovation community leadership positions, he has had a front row seat to the common challenges and popular solutions shared by leaders and organizations across many different industries and sectors.




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