Monday Morning Mojo: Self-Transformation

Monday Morning Mojo: Self-Transformation - Innovation ExcellenceIf you have ever had a goal that seems out of reach, beyond your ability, self- transformation is the key to succeeding. Self-transformation is the ability to intentionally provide yourself with experience that increases your abilities.

It might be going to the gym regularly and long enough to feel your body change. It might be saying yes to a stretch goal that you’ve never been able to achieve. It might be taking on the care of another person when you feel that it takes everything you have just to take care of yourself. And it might be shifting your focus in life to a grand dream you have been pondering for years – deciding now is the time you’ve been waiting for.

Whatever it is, you are engaging in conscious evolution, placing yourself in a position to grow and change, to become a future version of yourself that is able to do or be something different than what you are today.

It’s a particularly human trait. And it is one of the most powerful tools that leaders wield. I have a number of clients that are taking on ambitious goals, propelling their organizations to new levels of profit and impact. Self-transformation is their most important activity.

One of the most compelling ways is to transform yourself is to spend time with someone who has already done what you are going to do. Share air. Meet face-to-face. Get to know their mindset, the way they look the world.  They will have different assumptions, unique models, special ways to view the world based on their experience. As a result, they will make different kinds of decisions, spend their time doing different things, take on specialized rituals and act in ways consistent with their knowledge. All of this is fair game to be influenced by.

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Self-transformation… means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of experience and perception.

– Jaggi Vasudev

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