Using Tech Scouting Software to Source and Manage Technologies

Discovery used to be relatively easy. But, over time it has become harder and harder to find the next great innovation. Wellspring for Technology Scouting software was developed to deliver a simpler and more efficient way to find and manage technologies. It streamlines the process by addressing the hidden costs of modern innovation.

Wellspring for Technology Scouting from Wellspring on Vimeo.

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joe-granda Joe Granda  is Executive VP of Marketing at  Wellspring, a leading software provider powering open innovation. Joe comes from SAP, where he oversaw product marketing mobile applications and innovations in augmented reality and “Internet of Things.” Joe was also the Executive VP of Marketing at Syclo, a Chicago technology success story that became a leader in the enterprise mobile market. Follow @WellspringWW

Joe Granda




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