Supplier Innovation Seminar October 27, 2016 in NYC



Innovation Excellence is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with The Conference Board to offer our members and community a 50% discount to attend the Supplier Innovation Seminar taking place October 27, 2016, in NYC.

This event is designed for innovation practitioners across a broad spectrum, to introduce adjacencies and to open up the Customer and Supply side through your active participation.

This one-day seminar will uncover the power and critical components of customer/supplier relationships.

Through case studies and panel sessions with leading companies, academia and practitioners, you will leave with a toolkit and greater understanding of how to develop an end-to-end process to harness ideas, build trust, and evaluate success and/or areas of improvement thereby, creating an environment that will promote creativity and innovation.

Here are some agenda highlights (see full agenda in link below):

Reinventing Supplier Innovation Relationships

The seminar will begin with the findings of a groundbreaking two-year study conducted by Rutgers’ Dr. Gene Slowinski and sponsored by the Industrial Research Institute to detail the key guideline principals that organizations need to employ to improve their supplier innovation relationships.

Redefining Supplier Relationships to Meet Unilever’s Global Challenges

Benefit from hearing directly from Dr. Graham Cross, Director of Commercial Alliances and Supplier Innovation, Unilever, who is responsible for the award-winning “Partner to Win” global strategy that has effectively built relationships with selected key supplier partners in order to achieve mutual growth.

Pioneering Leading Edge Supplier/Customer Relationships in the Food Industry: A View from Both Sides of the Table

As a special highlight, this session will feature both the Buyer (The J.M. Smucker Company) and the Seller (Cargill, Inc.) to each share the best ways to build, sponsor and sustain a culture of collaborative innovation and achieve a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

Panel Discussion: Collaborative Innovation from the Suppliers Point of View

Benefit from peering into the other team’s playbook. Uncover the most effective ways to break down barriers to partnering success and tap into the supplier’s capabilities ensure both parties extract real value from the relationship.

To register and receive a 50% discount…

Visit the website and download agenda here.

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