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The music business has long operated inside a paradigm where a few large corporations control the assets and fortunes of a large number of small enterprises. In other words, the musicians themselves. Disruptive innovation has just arrived in the form of an app concept that helps musicians monetise their music and connect with the value chain of their industry all over the world from followers to fellow collaborators.

MyMVision can be summed up as “Linkedin for Musicians” – no memes, politics, pictures of your dinner, cats or cats having their dinner and so on! – just musicians talking with their followers and other musicians. In effect, MyMVision helps musicians “improve their signal to noise ratio” in reaching their fans.

The new App connects musicians and music professionals. Video audition, geolocation, and endorsements are key elements of the platform.

MYM VisionFeatures and Benefits

  • Musicians create a unique musician / band profile and showcase their talents to the world via a 60 second video of their work – this unique feature allows people to find musicians of specific genre and skill levels. This takes the random walk out of searching for that perfect chemistry for your music ensemble.
  • Find other musicians using the geolocation facility – great if you want to find musicians of a certain quality level around the world, are preparing to tour and want a pickup band etc. Supposing you were moving to LA. You could prepare the ground by connecting with musicians of the right genre/skill levels long before making the move.
  • Promote your enterprise / concerts / merchandise.
  • Find venues and other agencies to help you spread your music and make money from it. MyMVision essentially joins up the entire music value chain.

If you are a musician, band, recording studio, record label, venue owner, school, music teacher etc. do try MyMVision out for free on iPhone / iPadAndroid, or via Facebook. It has already gained the approval of a few pro-musicians.I heard a whisper from the owner that Robert Fripp had paid a visit to the company HQ in Italy recently. What a great pity I was not there to discuss all things Frippertronics, E-Bows, King Crimson, Bill Nelson, David Bowie, David Sylvian etc. Innovators all in their respective disciplines.


Frustration as a spur to Innovation

There are 200 million musicians on planet earth, of which 10 million have a fanbase but are not mainstream artists. At the lowest level, most serious musicians have up to 100 fans in their circle. Up till now some 95% of musicians are unrecognised and unrewarded for their efforts to write and perform music. The Internet of Artists are breaking new ground with a new platform for musicians that will allow them to collaborate, gain new markets for their music and finally turn their passion into profit.

The Internet of Artists is a British start-up company led by Riccardo Barbieri Torriani, an Italian entrepreneur. Riccardo started his career working in banking within the square mile whilst playing music in his spare time, making him a rare breed of someone who understands the head, heart and soul of music and business. Just like Sir James Dyson, who became frustrated when his vacuum cleaner did not suck, Riccardo thought there must be a better way to connect and collaborate with musicians than My Space or Facebook, which is contaminated by the “noise” of cat photos, memes, and pictures of other people’s breakfasts. This line of thought gave birth to MyMVision. It has so far attracted significant interest from angel investors and other benefactors.

Experience MyMVision out for free on iPhone / iPadAndroid and preview a piece of disruptive technology.


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