Managing Business Growth Through Innovation

Managing Business Growth Through InnovationBusiness growth is great, right? Seeing your company develop and evolve into something bigger and better is the goal of every entrepreneur, and I’m the same as everyone else in this case. However, as I’ve learned from experience, growth is not always a good thing.

Please, don’t get me wrong, the fact of growth itself is fantastic. The ‘not good’ part is that it presents a great number of challenges.

I’ve also learned that if one isn’t ready to deal with them efficiently, your success can turn to failure extremely fast.

In my experience, the best way to adjust your business to the increase in the number of projects is to implement innovative solutions that increase overall efficiency and productivity. Of course, introducing innovative techniques and tools takes time and effort, but this is an investment that would pay off shortly. In fact, I believe that it’s a must have an investment as without it the business might fail altogether.

It is how I went about adjusting to the growth of my company:

Business Growth Adjustment: The Ultimate Mistake to Avoid

Have you heard of quality assurance consulting? Now is the time to look into this particular service as you’ll need to use these techniques to deal with the common problems that occur as your company evolves.

First, you need to understand your main problems. Mine was that the sudden increase in the number of orders has simply overloaded the business. It feels like everything has turned into a mess overnight and soon we couldn’t find the orders information or keep up with schedules.

Thus, a complete restructuring and optimization were in order as our business processes have become obsolete.

Here I must admit that I went about this wrong. I started with the solution, namely upgraded software package that was supposed to improve communications between every branch of my business, thus boosting the productivity as a whole.

What I failed to do was to find the exactly right kind of software. It happened because I didn’t look for the specific reasons of the problem. I just saw that my organization was a mess and found a program that promised a structured solution for the result I needed.

Note that it did help in the end, but before this, the whole situation has turned into an even bigger mess because the solution didn’t meet our exact needs. Thus, it didn’t solve the original problem.

Performing a Business Assessment

Now I know that this complication could have been avoided if I’d just started with a detailed analysis of my business. If you want everything to go smoothly for you, consider taking a close look at every step of the process. You need to assess the workflow, supplies, workers’ efficiency, and your current practices and tools. I suggest making a chart where you rate the performance of each so that you can see the weakest points of your company.

Once you know where you can improve, you can start choosing innovative solutions focused on these specific areas.

Implement Innovation and Seek Feedback

I’m happy to say that with the right solutions and upgrades in place, the business started going much more smoothly right away. Of course, there were some bumps, but due to the increased efficiency, these issues were resolved quickly.

However, before we got to this stage we wasted a lot of valuable time, and I’m pretty sure I missed quite a few good opportunities for even bigger growth. It was mostly caused by poor progress monitoring.

From experience, I’m telling you that giving people better tools doesn’t mean that they would get better immediately. If you want innovative methods to work in your business, you need to make sure your employees understand exactly how to use them right.

Personally, I heavily rely on their feedback and demand regular reports on the performance of every tool we implement. I’ve found that preparing reports make people analyze the actual work of the solution closely, which helped us make quite a few improvements over time.

I also suggest getting professional help when going through this process with your company. As this is my first business, I learn as I go and face every challenge head on, which isn’t the wisest strategy. Now I recognize that no matter my enthusiasm, there are still limits to my knowledge and abilities. If you are like me, working with expert consultants can help avoid many problems that we might not be able to anticipate or notice right away.

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Melissa Burns is an education blogger, and a new teacher. She was studying in Columbia and those years inspired her to dedicate her life to teaching. She graduated from Iowa State University and is passionately interested in informatics, writing, and educational activism. She has already visited 38 countries and is planning to travel around the globe. Follow her @melissaburns and contact her at

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. She spends her time writing articles, overviews, and analyses about entrepreneurship, startups, business innovations, and technology. Occasionally, she also conducts workshops and provides consulting services for young, but promising startups.




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