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On Friday, April 21, don’t miss the design social event of 2017 as design innovators in the creative industry celebrate this year’s Medalists at the 2017 AIGA Awards Galatogether at Pier Sixty in Manhattan. Or, you and friends can join the evening via Live Streaming here.

As America’s first and largest professional organization for design, with seventy chapters and over 25,000 members, the professional association for design (AIGA) advances design as a professional craft, a strategic advantage, and a vital cultural force with far-reaching influence within business, our society, and our shared future.

The AIGA Medal, the most distinguished honor in the field, recognizes exceptional achievement in design and visual communication. The Medal has been awarded since 1920 to individuals who’ve set standards of excellence over a lifetime and had a significant impact on the practice of graphic design in the United States.

Given the increasing recognition and force of design in our daily lives, to say nothing of its emergence as a critical field of study and endeavor within innovation, the AIGA Awards remind us once again of the central role of individual creativity at the heart of all successful change and transformation.

Design’s contributions are truly universal

They aren’t restricted to products or even experiences, much less images on the page or pixels on your screen. They reach far further. As my friend Michael Beirut says,

“Designers escort big ideas into the culture.” 

AIGA’s 2017 Medalists have been recognized as masters of their craft whose persistent forward-thinking leadership has reimagined design’s function and impact on business, education, and all our communities. They include:

Art Chantry for his intrepid exploration of subculture visual communication, and his fearless celebration of cultural diversity

Emmett McBain for his revolutionary design leadership and profound social impact in co-founding Burrell-McBain Advertising

Rebeca Méndez for challenging and transforming academia and design through her innovative interplay of identity and culture

Mark Randall for his singular dedication to diversity in design, and his tenacity in funding minority and economically disadvantaged design students

Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell for pushing the boundaries of art, design, and technology with a distinctive vision finding connection among disparate forms

Lance Wyman for his mastery of visual ecosystems, and for setting the standard for the universal, public design experience

Bloomberg L.P. as recipient of AIGA’s 2017 Corporate Leadership Award, for its history of design innovation, its advancement of design on multiple fronts, and its role in expanding transparency by connecting networks of information, people, and ideas

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Editor’s note:  Julie Anixter, a co-founder of Innovation Excellence, is Executive Director of AIGA and works to bring design and innovation together.

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Lou Killeffer is Editor-at-Large for Innovation Excellence, and Principal with Five Mile River Marketing. A versatile marketing strategist, Lou’s passion for communications and innovation has made him a trusted advisor to some of the world’s most enduring businesses and brands, from AT&T to UPS, where he helps enterprises embrace change, look ahead, and focus on sustaining success.

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  1. Michael Kotowski on April 20, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    What an excellent event! Wish I had it on my calendar sooner. Have a great time, and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the talented Award Winners!

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