What Makes a Good Innovation Leader?

Editor’s note: Following are the results of original research that Mick Simonelli and Celent conducted. They asked current innovation leaders what criteria makes for good innovation leaders. Here are the highlights of what people doing the job thought:

In other words, they liked a strategic visionary able to motivate and persuade, with previous innovation leadership.

The majority of respondents’ efforts were more focused on the incremental side of innovation–not the disruptive.

And surprisingly, most had been pursuing innovation for a while. 

So, are you a good innovation leader? More information on Practical Innovation Assessment can be found here.

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mick-simonelliMick Simonelli is an innovator with 20+ years of implementing change and positive disruption at USAA. As a military veteran, he held transformation roles in numerous military organizations; and as a business executive, he purposely hired vets to help launch numerous innovations as the Chief Innovation Officer for a Fortune 500 company. Mick currently serves as an innovation consultant and can be found at www.micksimonelli.com Follow @MickSimonelli

Mick Simonelli




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