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Are you motivated to change the world?  Is perfecting innovation management your moon shot?  Do you want to join this prestigious group of game-changers – Cisco, Fraunhofer, GE, HP Enterprise, Huawei, IBM, Orange, SAP, Tata and the US Department of Energy – all finalists in the ISPIM Grand Prize?  To get there, they told their stories about their successes in innovation management, in such a compelling way, that they impressed the wise, independent judges who make the decisions.

The ISPIM Grand Prize was launched in 2015, specifically to recognize achievements in innovation management. With the focus on innovation almost always on the product, we, at ISPIM, were convinced that the secret sauce was how the innovators managed it along the way. Without clever, indeed innovative, management, nothing would result.

The 2017 winner was HP Enterprise and its Living Progress Challenge, which “unites people, ideas and technology to solve the world’s toughest challenges”. It is truly a platform to change the world… an excellent orchestration of internal and external partners, creating and implementing global solutions for human wellbeing.

2017 ISPIM Winners

In 2016, Orange won the prize for the Imagine with Orange collaboration platform to together solve world problems through innovation.  The focus on entrepreneurs was not just for specific Orange opportunities, and as a result there was a win for everybody involved.  Partner and consumer engagement increased significantly, with real, impactful innovations being launched.

2016 ISPIM Winners

The 2015 prize was won by the Sunshot Catalyst at the US Department of Energy.  The objective was to catalyze and expand the use of solar power for a more socially responsible footprint. Compared to previous approaches, the Catalyst delivered a 17x increase in projects, 50% faster and at 10% of the cost.

2015 ISPIM Winners

Innovation management is a broad topic, so we’ve decided to stay broad in our acceptance of applications for the Grand Prize.  The 2018 competition is now open, with a closing date of 27th April.  This year, in addition to the three finalists telling their stories at the ISPIM conference in Stockholm in June, we will create a special industry track for other applicants who impressed the judges but didn’t make the final cut.

So, join these great companies, either with an entry to the Grand Prize, or at the conference in Stockholm.  Consider this one step in perfecting your moon, or even Mars, shot.  Good luck!


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