Day of Innovation 2018 – Call for Presenters

Centric is excited to announce an early alert for our 6th annual Day of Innovation Conference.

The Day of Innovation 2018 will take place on Thursday, October 11 at the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis.

Don’t miss the keynote speakers or the hands-on breakout sessions. Keynote speakers this year will include leaders from LPK,, HeroX, Omnicom Media Group and Second City Works.

See 2017 event details:

About Centric:

Please see the descriptions of our tracks below. To make it easier for both our planning team and speakers, here is a link to the  Day of Innovation Facilitator Application Form. Please complete to let us know what you plan on teaching and where it will fit best into this year’s lineup? This form will also help collect details from speakers we may have already confirmed with. Thanks and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Day of Innovation Breakout Tracks

Are you new to the innovation team? Is “innovation” just another buzzword? What do others mean when they use words like Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, or failing forward? If you relate to these questions then this workshop track is right for you. In these sessions we’ll introduce participants to popular innovation terms, processes, and ways of working. This is a safe space to fail forward.

Workshop topic ideas: Innovation 101, Core Innovation Skills, How to Use A Whiteboard, Design Thinking, Agile, LEAN

Discovering new insights about people is one key driver of innovation. In this workshop track, participants will familiarize themselves with methods to help them better understand the experiences, challenges, needs, and desires of stakeholders.

Workshop topic ideas: Journey Mapping, Building Empathy, Voice of Consumer, Ethnography, Observation

Managing innovation projects and teams is a daunting task for many of us. In this workshop track, participants will learn about building and maintaining an innovation culture, how to manage teams and clients, and how to successfully address failure.

Workshop topic ideas: Establishing a Culture of Innovation, Workspaces & Innovation, How to Fail Forward, Building an Innovation Team, Managing Innovation Projects & Clients

Innovation and business strategy are intertwined. This workshop track will explore these overlapping threads through sessions focused on business strategy, innovation metrics, and project postmortems.

Workshop topic ideas: Innovation as Strategy, Innovation Metrics, Innovation Analytics, Conducting Project Postmortems

Remember:  We need all speaker and facilitator applications completed by Friday, June 15

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Jason Williams is the Executive Director at Centric, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that connects, educates and celebrates innovation-minded thinkers in an effort to improve the success rate of innovation in Indiana. Connect with him on Twitter @jawbrain.

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