10 More Amazing Innovation & Design Card Decks

Last year LPK created a card deck of the top 50 Roadblocks to Innovation. In the last 18 months we’ve shared 900+ sets to innovators in 28 countries on 6 continents – led 35+ workshops for groups in corporate innovation, academia, startups & non-profits – and learned a ton about what really stands between innovation ambition and impact.

In March I shared my 10 favorite Design and Innovation card sets.

Here are 10 more of my favorite Design & Innovation card sets (in no particular order).

1. Sin Rummy, Mason Adams

“Sin Rummy is a brand new game – a vicious twist on one of the most popular card games of all time…. Before each round starts, each player is dealt one ‘social sin’ card face up on the table. This card changes the rules for only the player that has it, for the entirety of that round. Then play proceeds with whatever variant of Rummy you prefer. That’s it. Seems easy, right? But passive crimes have a way of making everything complicated.” $15 –Order

2. Lifeline Cards, IDEO

“We set out to create a shared vocabulary for critique that would be broad enough to serve the challenges of today. We started by asking: What qualities do we most associate with creative excellence in our work? And, how might critique help ensure our solutions have the desired impact? ….the qualities are intentionally open-ended so that all designers (err, all humans) can relate, and so that they can be interpreted in ways that are appropriate in a given context.” Free download

3. The Tarot Cards of Tech, Artefact

“We think it’s time to ditch the Silicon Valley mantra, ‘move fast and break things’ for a new approach: slow down and ask the right questions. The Tarot Cards of Tech are a set of provocations designed to help creators more fully consider the impact of technology. They’ll not only help you foresee unintended consequences – they can also reveal opportunities for creating positive change.” Free download

4. The Emotional Culture Deck, Riders & Elephants

“Positive emotions are associated with better performance, quality, and customer service – this holds true across roles and industries and at various organizational levels. So as leaders, let’s start by asking ourselves: what do we want our people to feel? Then design your culture and employee experience to support these emotions. The deck is an insanely simple tool that reimages how you design and build your culture and employee experience.” Free download or $99

5. Mental Notes, Stephen P. Anderson

“In the midst of a busy project it’s all too easy to forget the nuances that distinguish great products. Mental Notes brings together 50 insights from psychology into an easy reference and brainstorming tool. Each card describes one insight into human behavior and suggests ways to apply this to the design of Web sites, Web apps, and software applications.” Order

6. Triggers, Alejandro Masferrer

“The perfect method to solve any design, advertising, or creative briefing…. Every Triggers card contained a “what if” question designed to open paths for solving almost any creative challenge you face. The cards combine design thinking methodology, psychology, and participatory mechanisms…. Triggers questions are like doors or paths. Every time you take one card, you are opening a door and taking a sneak peek of what’s inside. These doors make you curios, awake and creative.” €49.00 – €392.00

7. SUITS, Continuum

“We believe that there are four traits that suggest an innovation-friendly mindset. These show up in the culture; they can be assessed and cultivated. The goal of these cards is to stimulate and model workplace conversations and arguments that are true to life. They focus on an organization’s culture, and how people articulate decisions about what to do or not. Innovation is always the work done with incomplete information, yet big companies crave certainty. This game engages that tension directly.” Inquire to purchase

8. Council Cards, Universal Favourite

“Each deck featured a range of easy-to-action problem-solving exercises, based on the principles of design thinking. The idea is that for any problem that needs solving, you pick a card at random, and follow the instructions. Different ways of thinking, and new perspectives on a problem can lead to exciting, unexpected solutions.” Inquire to purchase

9. Roadblocks to Healthcare Innovation, LPK

“Belief among Healthcare executives in the potential of innovation has never been greater. And investment in innovation programs has never been higher.

The harsh reality? The failure rate of innovation initiatives in Healthcare has never been higher. Yet ideas and ambition alone aren’t why Healthcare innovation succeeds or fails.

LPK’s Roadblocks to Healthcare Innovation Cards help teams anticipate universal project pitfalls and overcome organizational barriers. Discover how to overcome and eliminatt the true roadblocks as you build your Healthcare innovation engine.” Order, Free

10. Wireframe Deck, UX Kits

“The Wireframe Deck includes 80 2×2″ double-sided cards of common website and UI elements, lo-fi on one side and hi-fi on the other. Quickly build and rearrange desktop and mobile layouts and discuss key decisions before moving to the computer.” $19


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Nicholas PartridgeNicholas Partridge is senior innovation director at LPK and he’s obsessed with creating “the new”: be it product, service, brand or experience. Nick is a veteran innovator, having partnered with the world’s most powerful brands and scrappy upstarts on their hairiest innovation challenges. Prior to LPK, he served as co-head of Idea Couture (NYC), as innovation director at Fahrenheit 212 (NYC) and as industrial designer at Essential (Boston). On Twitter at @KnewNewNeu.

Nick Partridge

Nicholas Partridge is senior innovation director at LPK—and he’s obsessed with creating “the new”: be it product, service, brand or experience. Nick is a veteran innovator, having partnered with the world’s most powerful brands and scrappy upstarts on their hairiest innovation challenges. Prior to joining LPK, he served as co-head of Idea Couture (NYC), as innovation director at Fahrenheit 212 (NYC) and as industrial designer at Essential (Boston). He enjoys a good game of soccer and never met a lobster roll he didn’t like. Find him on Twitter at @KnewNewNeu.




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