How to Go From Idea to Inception, with Golden Krishna

How to Go From Idea to Inception, with Golden Krishna

The Innovation Engine is a podcast series that discusses innovation through the lenses of corporate leadership, company culture, and emerging trends and technologies. The podcast features bi-weekly interviews with best-selling authors, C-Level executives, and innovation experts from around the world. It is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Golden Krishna of Google shares tips on how to go from idea to inception on this episode of The Innovation Engine podcast from 3Pillar Global. Golden talks how to evaluate which ideas to actually act on, whether there is such a thing as bad feedback, moving ideas through the incubation process to successful product launch, and much more.

Golden is a Design Strategist at Google who works on a “horizontal future team” across all variants of Android and Chrome to push computing forward with new ideas that can ship in the next two to three years. Part of Golden’s charge in this role is to bring cohesion, innovation, and long-term strategy for the world’s most popular operating system.

In addition to being deemed one of the World’s Best Designers by Fast Company, Golden is the author of The Best Interface is No Interface, a wildly funny and illuminating read that makes a very persuasive case that “there’s an app for that” is the most insidious advertising tagline ever written.

If you’d like to hear more from Golden on why that is, check out Golden’s previous appearance on The Innovation Engine, when we discussed “A world without interfaces.”

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Episode Highlights

At places like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, teams tend to think in release cycle terms: Every year, a new release.

Golden’s job, however, is to get out of that cycle and innovate for the future, or many possible futures. “I was brought on to a team to think about how we can think a few years ahead,” he says. “And that allows us to do things more ambitiously, allows us to think a little more outside the box.”

“Now, one year sounds like a really long time, and it is in tech talk, but thinking two to three years means that you can really set the stage for some big things to happen down the road.”

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