Innovation or Not – 3D Printed Body Parts

Innovation or Not - 3D Printed Body Parts

Need a new bladder? Let me print you one made from your own cells so your body won’t reject it.

Need some new skin? Let me scan the area as we go and lay down just the right type of material when and where it is needed.

Sound like science fiction?

It is rapidly becoming science fact.

Could 3D printed organs hold the key to immortality?

Could 3D printed organs allow humans to swap out aging body parts before their expiration date and thus extend life itself?

According to, here are the Top 12 3D Bioprinting Startups to Watch:

  1. Organovo (USA)
  2. Pandorum Technologies (India)
  3. Cyfuse BioMedical (Japan)
  4. TeVido Biodevices (USA)
  5. 3D Bioprinting Solutions (Russia)
  6. Regenovo Biotechnology (China)
  7. regenHU (Switzerland)
  8. Aspect Biosystems (Canada)
  9. 3Dynamic Systems (UK)
  10. MedPrin (China)
  11. BioBots (USA)
  12. Nanofiber Solutions (USA)

I guess only time will tell, so in the meantime I’ll leave you with one final question…

Innovation or not?

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Innovation or Not




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