Innovation or Not – Turning a Wheelchair into an Electric Scooter

Innovation or Not - Turning a Wheelchair into an Electric Scooter

I came across the second video on Linkedin today. I had to dig around to find the YouTube version (thanks Linkedin for making it so hard to share content outside of Linkedin – and for ruining groups). But, first I thought I would share the more polished and European commercial version of the concept, which is called the Firefly. The basic idea is to allow people in a wheelchair to attach a pivotable third wheel powered by electricity to a standard wheelchair to allow the user to go farther, faster. The attachment has a wheel, handlebars, brakes, and an a throttle along with means to attach it to the wheelchair. Here is the video for the European version of the firefly:

Interestingly, there is also an American product, also called Firefly, with the same basic design, from Rio Mobility for about $2,400 – which seems a bit pricey. Possibly because of the cost, or perhaps because this video may be the source of the idea (who knows), someone seems have come up with a Jugaad Innovation version of this same concept that is likely made with less expensive components and as a result, probably more accessible to people in need of greater mobility in countries with lesser incomes. I can’t read the non-English characters, so I’m not clear on the country of origin for this one (please let me know if you do):

Either way, the second video proves that good ideas spread around the globe quickly. So, what do you think…

Innovation or not?

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