International Intrapreneurship Conference at Orange

2019 February 19th took place at Orange Gardens (Paris/Châtillon, France), a comprehensive conference related to intrapreneurship. 200 people gathered for this Intrapreneurship celebration, a huge success!

Following opening by Luc Bretones (Orange), the programme was organized in 3 main tracks:

  1. Intrapreneurs testimonials and roundtable with Hadrien Devichi (Société Générale/Elyxir), Jean-Yves Ingea (Thales/Heropolis), Victor Jouan (Accor), Alexis Bafcop (Orange);
  2. Corporations point of view on intrapreneurship with lectures and roundtable with  Frank Mattes (Innovation-3/Scale-Up Peer Group) and Stephen Cook (BP), Peter Guse (Bosh Startups Platform Grow), Susana Jurado Apruzzese (Telefonica), Jean-Yves Plu (Thales), Robert Kröwing (TÜV), facilitated by Véronique Bouchard (EM-Lyon Business School);
  3. 7 workshops facilitated by Anne-Claire Chanut (Fly The Nest) and Thomas Benaïm (Le Village by CA), Frank Mattes (Innovation-3), Alizée Lozac’hmeur (makesense), Céline Degreef (MyCrowdCompany), Quentin Cailluyer and Paul Granier (Schoolab), Clémence Dubosq (Corporate for Change) and Cédric Laroyenne (Accenture), Daniel Bellahsen and Christina Hassen (Epigo), all companies very active in intrapreneurs incubation and coaching.

Below are some snapshots and a best of quotes from Twitter (in French and English, following #IntrapreneurDay), as well as the videos of the speakers.

Should you wish a deeper view one fcous of the conference, “scale-up for intrapreneurs”, please have a look at the scale-up canvas article.

Scale-Up Canvas

We want to thank most sincerely all the speakers and facilitators for their talent and generosity, and all participants that made this event a warm networking moment. Enjoy the reading, and good news: some companies have already volunteered to organize the next Intrapreneurship fest!

Luc Bretones (Orange): opening

Les collaborateurs intrapreneurs résorbent une frustration et contribuent à la transformation de l’entreprise et au développement du business.

Un intrapreneur impacte 300 à 500 collaborateurs au sein du groupe.

Les projets intrapreneurs rejoignent des business units grâce à la qualité de leurs équipes.

Les intrapreneurs vivent une expérience de développement extraordinaire et impactent 300-500 personnes chacun.

L’Intrapreneurs Studio est chez Orange au carrefour de la Transformation et du Business : il développe de nouveaux business et transforme la culture. Une façon de contribuer au changement du mindset de l’entreprise.

L’Intrapreneurs Studio du programme Oz Innovation salariés, c’est la disruption de notre culture d’entreprise.

L’intrapreneurs Studio c’est l’étincelle qui met un bazar positif dans l’innovation du groupe.



Hadrien Devichi (Société Générale/Elyxir)

Elyxir, une startup interne, un projet qui ne pouvait pas entrer dans le process classique.

Elyxir fonctionne avec sa BU sponsor comme avec un investisseur.

Viens avec des réponses ! La recette de l’intrapreneur.

Gérer les parties prenantes ! La stratégie d’alliances de l’intrapreneur.



Jean-Yves Ingea (Thales/Heropolis)

Heropolis, une start-up interne devenue start-up externe.

Les déclencheurs d’un projet intrapreneur : l’envie de prendre des risques et d’une culture start-up.

L’intrapreneuriat commence par des rencontres et la découverte d’une nouvelle culture.

La Thales Digital Factory fournit hébergement et coaching aux intrapreneurs.

International Intrapreneurship Conference at Orange

Hadrien Devichi (Société Générale), Jean-Yves Ingea (Thales/Heropolis), Victor Jouan (Accor), Alexis Bafcop (Orange)

Toutes les aventures intrapreneuriales réussies nécessitent un engagement à temps plein dans l’entreprise.

Intraprendre c’est trouver un vrai sens dans son travail.

L’intrapreneuriat, un startup mindset !

Quand on devient intrapreneur le nombre de personnes avec qui on interagit explose.

Un certificat Intrapreneur HEC-Orange, une belle reconnaissance et valorisation du parcours intrapreneurial.

Et pourquoi pas des serial Intrapreneurs ?

Frank Mattes (Innovation-3/Scale-Up Peer Group) and Stephen Cook (BP)

Corporations know how to navigate red ocean. In the last decade, they’ve learned to explore blue ocean. But the scaling-up white space in-between is where most corporate startups fail.

Pour passer au scale-up, un MVP ne suffit pas. Il faut avoir atteint le stade de la « Minimum Scalable Venture.




Sourcing and scaling of new ventures at BP. Culture is a milestone of our Launch Pad.


Peter Guse (Bosh Startups Platform Grow)

Corporate start-ups is all about team and culture.


Grow provides 3 kinds of freedom.


Corporate startup follow design thinking approach, with the corporation contextuality.

Lean, flexible, and fast incubation, but efficient, and reliable scaling.

Team and culture evolve when transitioning from an internal startup to a business unit. Scaling-up a startup is not only about the business.


Peter Guse (Bosh Startups Platform Grow), Susana Jurado Apruzzese (Telefonica), Jean-Yves Plu (Thales), Robert Kröwing (TÜV), facilitated by Véronique Bouchard (EM-Lyon Business School)

Impact Intrapreneurship is creating new talent! Intrapreneurs are not product managers, they are value creation managers!

L’intrapreneuriat est aussi une façon d’attirer

et révéler les talents en interne.

We attract talents that we would not have attracted before.

Combining internal engineering and external startups at Thales Digital Factory.


Engage customers and employees to create new product freedom is a new responsability.

Applying the Kick box program at TUV: lean methodology, coaching, and credit card!

As the corporate entrepreneur program matures, we established stage gates to act more like VC/PE.


Let’s stay modest, we’re talking about one start-up every 1000 employees at Bosch.

The most important challenge we are facing is culture!

It will always be important to demonstrate value created by corporate entrepreneurship programs.

Demonstrating impact, creating new talents: intrapreneurship challenges at  Telefonica.

We are quicker, more frugal, and closer to the business units. 70 projects, 18 transferred to business, 1 spin-off at Telefonica.

The impact of the Kick box program at TÜV is on agility, and motivation.

Talent attraction, new way of working with customers, time to market are the impacts at Thales Digital Factory. Intrapreneurship crosses the digital transformation of Thalesgroup’ employees mindset.

panel 2.jpg




Anne-Claire Chanut (Fly The Nest) and Thomas Benaïm (Le Village by CA)


Fly 2.JPG

Frank Mattes (Innovation-3)

atelier frank.jpg

Alizée Lozac’hmeur (makesense)

make sense.JPG

Quentin Cailluyer and Paul Granier (Schoolab)


Schoolab 2.JPG

Clémence Dubosq (Corporate for Change) and Cédric Laroyenne (Accenture)


Corporate 2.JPG


Daniel Bellahsen and Christina Hassen (Epigo)



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Nicolas BryNicolas Bry is Orange Startups Studio COO. He entices Orange employees into becoming intrapreneurs, bringing their idea to life within Orange business. International executive, he sets-up innovation devices for new business. International speaker, writer with, guest lecturer at the Google Academy mini-MBA, visiting innovation professor at Telecom ParisTech, MediaSchool & EM Lyon, freelance consultant for the EC. Follow him at @nicobry.

Nicolas Bry

Serial innovator, Nicolas has set up creative units for new business at Orange, Club-Internet, and SFR. Nicolas created crowd platform, Orange Studio for Intrapreneurs, and edits Open Innovation blog International speaker, entrepreneurs & startups coach, innovation teacher at Telecom ParisTech, HEC & CentraleSupélec, and freelance consultant (ECC). Follow him at @nicobry.




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