MOFI Acquires Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence On Fire

Noted Disruptor, Shawn Nason, Embraces the Opportunity to Lead the Global Community of Innovation Practitioners

Shawn Nason

Cincinnati, Ohio (Tuesday, February 11, 2020) – Speaker, thought leader and CEO of MOFI, Shawn Nason, announced a new adventure in the world of innovation and disruption, with the acquisition of Innovation Excellence, the acknowledged online home of the global innovation community.

Since 2006, founders Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter, Rowan Gibson and Dean DeBiase have grown Innovation Excellence into the popular crowd-sourced innovation platform, with a roster of over 32,000 subscribers and 47,000 connections on LinkedIn.

“The site was created with the spirit of making innovation insights accessible for the greater good,” said Kelley. “It is a generous platform for the innovation global community, and we are excited that Nason and MOFI will continue our legacy,” added Gibson.

“I use the contributors’ content and real-world case studies as a part of my Kellogg/Northwestern innovation curriculum, where student-teams are tasked with co-creating disruptive ventures in partnership with Fortune 500 corporations. I’m looking forward to the next generation of Innovation Excellence as it expands its global footprint and disruptor influence,” said DeBiase.

“Innovation Excellence’s strength lies in its ability to curate content from world-renowned innovation management thought leaders like Greg Satell, Tom Koulopoulos and Soren Kaplan,” said Anixter. One recent review of top innovation management blogs noted the site’s “great mix of evergreen and timely content, impressive authors with a long history in the innovation industry, [and] monthly round-ups of the top articles for those who can’t check in often.”

“It’s an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to build upon the groundbreaking work that Braden, Julie, Rowan and Dean have done as we dream together about what the community’s next chapter may look like,” said Nason. “The very nature of innovation means that we can never be satisfied with the status quo. So, we can’t wait to engage this amazing, talented group of people from around the world as we think boldly about what’s next.”

Nason is in the process of assembling a new leadership team and advisory council for Innovation Excellence and he welcomes new members, contributors and ideas.

About MOFI

MOFI is an experience-design SWAT team that’s laser-focused on disruption in the healthcare industry. Fed up with the status quo, MOFI partners with providers, payers, and retailers who are ready to stare their challenges in the face, think boldly about new ideas, and create a strategy to move the needle. The MOFI team uses their superpowers each day to rethink the patient, family, and employee experience and solve the biggest, hairiest problems in the industry. They thrive on blowing sh*t up, moving at breakneck speed, and designing unapologetically for patient-centric care. Their motto: DISRUPT OR BE DISRUPTED.

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