You Made Me Forget Myself

Covid 19 did not make us better. It forced us to squeeze more out of scarcity.

After months of lockdown, crimes are down all over Europe and people spend more time connected to family and colleagues. Truth is: we are tired, frustrated and uncertain about our future. We have not become a better species, and we are nowhere close to caring more, as a result of the freeze, about the man or woman next door. It’s not compassion that drives increased interactions, but a pragmatic urge of coordinated efforts, in order to overcome the crisis.   

The future is a lottery for any business, but we can make sense of it, if we all join the conversation.

Three opportunities:

  • Remove taboo-s: finally we can have a conversation that truly encompasses the whole organization, from procurement, to supply chain, up to storytelling and post sales service. Less resistance makes us work better and faster.
  • Follow the money: suppliers, factories, manufactures and trade have virtually less or no money; the great opportunity here is to shift focus from a pull to a push routine. Produce only what fans will buy. It’s a sort of a back to basics, running ‘extra’ on demand. Plus, it’s green, for once.
  • Core is King: companies rediscover why they exist in the first place, and whether they have a Core that is strong enough to get them through the storm. Hard cut small brands. 

One big temptation is to reward performance from now on, while shorting true storytelling. We need to be careful. We may not be a better people now, but we need to be if we want some come-back post Covid 19. Once the machine is well oiled, only love, or hate – if we forget ourselves, will move our guts.


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Francesco Pagano

Experienced Marketing & Business Leader. Global profile, passionate about innovation, brand management, brand communication and international business. Always up for irresistible product concepts, ultimate communication integrated campaigns & great Italian food.




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  1. Fred Schrader on June 2, 2020 at 7:37 am

    “We may not be a better people now, but we need to be”. Very deep thoughts, that made me think a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Francesco Pagano on June 4, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    Thanks Fred!

  3. AlTafaouq AlElmi on June 9, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is a recognized and authorized provider by the Institute of Leadership and Management in the United Kingdom and the Global Innovation Institute in the United States of America. Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is also the strategic partner for AQR International in the GCC region.

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