Act Fast, Fail Fast, Learn Fast? Science says we learn faster when we are free to choose.

By Shawn Nason / October 12, 2020 /

A recent study in Scientific American showed that people learn faster when they are free to choose which action they make, even if the choice initially leads to a negative outcome. The concept, “choice-confirmation bias,” produces “stabler learning over a wide range of simulated conditions than unbiased (no choice) did.” Researchers also believe that choice-confirmation…

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Like Child’s Play: 6 Ways to Create an Adaptable Mindset

By Shawn Nason / October 6, 2020 /

A study released recently sought to explore why children seem to have more immunity to COVID-19 than adults and are more likely to resist infections or have asymptomatic/mild infections. The researchers found that (most) children are able to fight off COVID-19 because their immune systems are still operating under the assumption that pathogens entering the…

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That Department

By Michael Graber / December 26, 2019 /

Which department acts like a lightening rod within your organization? You know that if they are called to participate in a meeting that it will be both productive and enjoyable. You smile anticipating the meeting, even leaving your smartphone and laptop on your desk because you know it will be completely engrossing. (Side note: If…

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3 Reasons Why Your Brainstorms Suck

By Tamara Ghandour / December 25, 2019 /

Brainstorms are important and an easy way to get everybody together to collaborate, discuss, debate, and ultimately, innovate. But sometimes, you come out of them feeling as if you didn’t get the ideas that you needed, or that the same ideas were being rehashed, or that it was a complete waste of time. So, why…

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The Elusive Skill – Strategic Thinking – How To Get and Measure

By Tamara Ghandour / November 3, 2019 /

How to Get and Measure Strategic Thinking As leaders, we know that it is critical to today’s changing times to think differently about what’s in front of us. We need to get out of “business as usual” and break through the status quo mindset to push our teams to get more innovation, growth, and new…

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Creating high-performing and faster-moving teams

By Janet Sernack / October 13, 2019 /

It seems that every meeting I went to recently, and almost every person I spoke to, mentioned the new book, from the authors of How Google Works – The Trillion Dollar Coach. I dutifully ordered it and once I had the chance, diligently read it. It is described as the “blueprint for forward-thinking business leaders and managers that will…

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People Are Always the Hardest Part

By Mike Shipulski / September 22, 2019 /

The toughest part of all things is the people part. Hold on to being right and all you’ll be is right. Transcend rightness and get ready for greatness. Embrace hubris and there’s no room for truth. Embrace humbleness and everyone can get real. Judge yourself and others will pile on. Praise others and they will…

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De-Risking Corporate Innovation by Using Suppliers

By Michael Graber / September 19, 2019 /

In this column we have analyzed why it is nearly impossible for Corporate Innovation teams to successfully commercialize new products, services, and business models both within and outside of their core business at length. The risks alone make Legal and Brand departments quake, quiver, and fight against these innovations. The use of new channels, new…

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Leading People in the Imagination Age

By Janet Sernack / September 8, 2019 /

Most of us are aware that the nature of work is changing. According to Singularity University, while emerging technologies may destroy many jobs, they will also create many new appealing ones. Widespread innovation, in the imagination age, will give birth to exciting new industries, all of which are sources of new jobs and occupations. It’s exciting…

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Overcoming Challenges Through Continuous Learning

By Janet Sernack / July 14, 2019 /

Last week, I went to a fantastically informative event, hosted by the Churchill Club, Melbourne. It was about “Developing the Tech Talent of the Future”. New technologies and shifting customer expectations are shifting the business game. In the same way, new platforms, products and services, business models and other emerging creative surprises are, disrupting the learning…

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