Business Expenses You Can Reduce (If Not Remove) to Survive The Pandemic

By Reuben Yonatan / May 13, 2020 /

Every line item of your balance sheet must be scrutinized during this time of fear, panic, and pandemic. Here are a few line items to reconsider.

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By Arlen Meyers / September 10, 2019 /

The Theranos story continues to unfold in the headlines and will likely be the stuff of Harvard Business School cases for years to come. Here is a brief history of Theranos. and where they find themselves now. According to the WSJ, Theranos Inc. said it will shut down its blood-testing facilities and shrink its workforce by more than…

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These 3 Indicators May Be Projecting the Next Financial Collapse

By Tom Koulopoulos / August 4, 2019 /

While there is no one magic indicator of the market’s future, these three may provide some of the best insights into the current and future state of the economy. Warren Buffett once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” In August of 2007, I had a meeting with the…

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Here’s How Investors Are Adapting To The New Era Of Innovation

By Greg Satell / March 11, 2019 /

In recent decades, innovation has become almost synonymous with digital technology. That wasn’t always true, of course. Long before the microchip was invented, we built an industrial economy based on electricity and internal combustion, harnessed the power of the atom and developed life-saving cures. Nevertheless, lately everything seems to be digital. Entrepreneurs who create software…

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$100 to $75 Million in 7 Years, if You Had Just Done This

By Tom Koulopoulos / December 2, 2018 /

2010 was a great year to make $75 million with less than you spend at Starbucks in a month. Although at the time, neither of us knew why. A while back, I wrote about the incredible innovative impact that blockchain will have on not only business but the underpinnings of virtually every aspect of commerce.…

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Why Private Equity Firms Should Leverage Innovation

By Michael Graber / April 5, 2018 /

Once Private Equity Groups understand how Innovation works and how it can be used to inspire transformative growth, Innovation will be one of the foremost toolkits in a segment that ignores its power.

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Innovation in Corporate Financial Services

By Tom Romanowski / September 14, 2017 /

Societal and technological trends are developing at an exponential pace. We see it, sense it, and read about it every day. While corporate innovation is often labelled as a viable strategy for improving the company’s performance, a successful implementation of corporate innovation remains challenging for most companies. Here, we share the most important innovation lessons we have learned over the last three years in a financial services context to help organizations, hopefully yours, avoid common pitfalls.

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The Future of Insurance: 15 predictions for 2017

By Matthew Griffin / March 24, 2017 /

  Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from Matthew Griffin’s upcoming paper The Future of Insurance 2020 & Beyond. It is clear from the developments and progress made in 2016 though that the industry’s appetite, pace, and propensity for change, albeit partially fuelled by an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace, is accelerating. It’s unlikely that…

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Chasms, Criteria… and Innovation

By Kevin McFarthing / March 5, 2017 /

The concept of the ambidextrous organization is gaining traction. It describes companies who can innovate in the current business at the same time as creating new business options for the future. This is achieved through…

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Innovations in Fintech

Innovations in Fintech

By Dan Blacharski / October 13, 2016 /

Technology automation tends to have two phases: In the first phase, automation replaces human decision-making and process with an inflexible set of rules, often creating new problems even as it solves old ones, and shutting out those who may be outliers or may be “exceptions to the rule.” But the next phase is where the innovation really kicks in, and this is when that automation becomes intelligent, data-rich, and capable of actually making rational decisions that improve and enhance the level of customer service, and open up new opportunities for the business that could not have existed previously.

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