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Are Empathy and Innovation in the Cards?

By Braden Kelley / October 22, 2019 /

As part of the leadership team for a new human-centered problem-solving offering for select Oracle customers, I’m always on the lookout for new tools to integrate into our flexible problem-solving process to help clients innovate, grow or transform. Because our dynamic team of experienced professionals has a diverse range of knowledge, skills and abilities we’re…

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The Secret to Managing Creative Projects (while looking for the next big hit)

By Wes Dening / April 5, 2019 /

In any industry, innovation is essentially an arms race. If you’re not creating the next big thing, someone else is seizing the opportunity to define it. The problem is, there’s a lot of time between the moment when you first envision a new concept and the moment when it actually hits your market. How you…

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What is the Cost of a Failed Innovation Project or Change Initiative?

By Braden Kelley / March 5, 2019 /

It seems like a simple question. One that you would expect to lead to some risk mitigation behavior, but it doesn’t. And when you consider that companies are spending an increasing amount of their budget on technology and working to transform their operations to be more digital in order to provide a better experience for…

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Using Product Development Metrics That Motivate at the Team Level

By John Carter / February 28, 2019 /

The two most common product development metrics are R&D spending as a percent of sales and revenues from new products over time. These metrics, although necessary to track, do not predict a result. There’s no linear relationship between R&D spending and new product success. For example, a company might allocate ten percent of its R&D…

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How To Create a Strategic Planning Process for Innovation

By John Carter / January 27, 2019 /

Every innovative product begins as a concept in the mind of someone or some group of people. These concepts are the seeds of your company’s future growth. How is your company cultivating these seeds? How do companies manage this asset, the portfolio of product concepts, even before they enter the pipeline? In our experience, product…

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Better Inventions – Leveraging Powerful Stimulus - Innovation Excellence

Better Inventions – Leveraging Powerful Stimulus

By Richard Haasnoot / December 12, 2017 /

At my inventing company, we always use Quantum Idea Generation to generate the ideas that help companies double their innovation success rate. We have used Quantum Idea Generation to invent well over 25,000 concepts that has produced many, many successful new products, including many that have achieved your one sales of over $100 million.

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Innovation's Degrees of Connectivity, Interactivity and Sharing - Innovation Excellence

Innovation’s Degrees of Connectivity, Interactivity and Sharing

By Paul Hobcraft / December 4, 2017 /

Many of us became disconnected with the early part of the discovery for innovation, we simply became just the implementors, pushing the innovation through the pipeline into its final execution. That can change if we are willing and able to challenge our past assumptions.

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Have You Tried New Ways to Innovate?

By Shelly Greenway / November 28, 2017 /

After relying on cost and operational efficiencies to grow the bottom line, many businesses are emerging from an innovation slumber post-recession. Now there is an imperative to refocus on organic growth. The importance of innovation in driving this growth is resurfacing to the top of the agenda. For many organizations, there are some radically new behavioural, structural and operational models of meeting this challenge are gaining popularity.

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Innovate like a Pilgrim - Innovation Excellence

Innovate like a Pilgrim

By Scott Bowden / November 23, 2017 /

Scott Bowden investigates and shares how the Pilgrims voage to America yields lessons for the modern-day innovation practitioner.

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Want to Nail Pricing? Understand Market Dynamics First - Innovation Excellence

Want to Nail Pricing? Understand Market Dynamics First

By Steven Forth / November 21, 2017 /

Pricing is a game – one with asymmetric and imperfect information. So what does this mean for you? Basically, you’re very unlikely to nail pricing the first time. And even if you do come close, you’ll have to adjust as your product and market mature. While you’ll never get pricing 100% right the first time, there’s no reason you shouldn’t set yourself up for the best possible chance at success.

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